Best Activities for Twin Toddlers in Wichita


There I was, sitting with my six-week-old twins next to me watching my two-year-old daughter spin, dance, and sing, happy as could be. Four months earlier, I was terrified of being a mom to twins. I worried my daughter (and I) would suffer from being stuck in our house alone all day with two newborns.  

But contrary to my worries, I sat with my massive iced coffee watching my girl twirl gleefully in music class while my babes slept. 

Being a new mom to twins can be isolating and lonely. Being a new mom to twins with a preschool-aged singleton can be even more so. 

As a mom to a three-year-old and 19 months old twins, finding safe and fun activities for everyone is vital. Especially when I take them out on my own (gulp).

Thankfully we live in an incredibly twin-friendly city. In my short time as a mother to twins, I have discovered some fantastic twin-friendly activities in Wichita. I’m excited to share them with you fellow Wichita twin mom, so you can get out occasionally and feel a little less alone! 

Below are some tried and true boredom busting, sanity-saving twin activities I’ve found to be manageable on my own.

Easy Indoor Activities To Do in Wichita With Twins

  • My Gym: MyGym is an enclosed, safe space offering a physical outlet for littles. The teachers always have open arms waiting to hold a baby or help load and unload children before and after class. The bonus is they offer a multiples discount!
  • Wichita Sports Forum Sand Play: This is an excellent option for multiples because it’s cheap and incredibly safe. For just $2, you can take your littles to the enclosed sand area where they can roam, investigate, and play for hours. 
  • Music Together: These classes are great for siblings; classes are held in an enclosed room where children are free to move, play, sing, and dance as they wish. It’s also stroller friendly and offers sibling discounts.
  • Andover Library Story Time: This storytime is perfect as it’s in an enclosed room and includes several age groups. Plus, it’s a stroller-friendly location, and there is a children’s play area for kiddos to use after storytime is over.
  • Cabela’s: This is a simple and free activity to do with littles contained in a stroller or wagon. You can waste an hour walking around, looking at animals, fish tanks, and grabbing a snack. 
  • Exploration Place: When I take my twins and pre-schooler to exploration place, I utilize our stroller and the enclosed kids’ play area. I can keep an eye on all three of my littles while they explore and enjoy!

Easy Outdoor Activities To Do in Wichita With Twins

  • Andover Park: With clean bathrooms and fantastic equipment, we spend many hours happily playing at Andover park. I do bring a stroller, but feel safe letting my littles roam. 
  • Sedgwick County Park: The sizable boundless playground at Sedgwick County Park is gated and has nearby bathrooms. 
  • Great Plains Nature Center: This beautiful, stroller-friendly trail and nature center is perfect for making stops to let littles get out and safely explore (It’s also a good spot for snacks:).twins Wichita
  • Maize Splash Pad: While the splash pad is not fully enclosed, it opens up to a park and a field. The littles are free to run and splash and mama doesn’t have to chase them constantly.
  • Botanica: I load my twins up in the stroller and make a beeline for the children’s garden. We can spend hours investigating everything there is to see while everyone is within eyesight!
  • Tanganyika: This perfect sized wildlife zoo is easy to navigate, and with animal interactions, my twins and pre-schooler stay mesmerized for hours. Thanks to the zoo layout, my littles can run around and play and I don’t worry about losing them!

Tips for Going Out on Your Own With Twins

  • Map out parking and walking for all your locations.
  • Always have a stroller. I cannot emphasize this enough; your stroller is your lifeline, friends.
  • Make sure you have snacks, diapers, your twins’ comfort items, drinks, and extra shoes/clothes for each little. I keep a tote with all of the above in my SUV at all times now.
  • Be prepared to leave at any moment and know your exit strategy. You may have to bolt your location at any time. 
  • Have an option B in your back pocket. There have been several occasions where I arrive somewhere with the best intentions, but realize it just won’t work, so plan B it is.

Having twins is a beautiful, fun, intimidating, exhausting adventure. It may seem impossible to go out and have fun with them, but it’s not. You’ve got this, mama!

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