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Welcome to Wichita Moms Blog!

I can’t believe it’s finally here. The launch of something so much more than its title suggests.

The vision of Wichita Moms Blog is to serve not only as an authentic and trusted parenting resource, but as a venue to connect local moms to each other and to the community.

As people, we are born with the need for connection – it’s one of our most primal, basic instincts. And when we become mothers, this need intensifies as we crave to find others who are experiencing the same wants, feelings and emotions. We need to know that we are not alone, not outsiders. Because being a mom, especially if new to the role or new to the area, can oftentimes bring feelings of isolation.

When I became a mother two and a half years ago, I was confused by my raw emotions and the overwhelming feeling that I should be able to do it all. Thoughts of doubt slowly crept in as I convinced myself that my baby was the only one who refused to sleep/cried all the time/was late in gross motor skill achievements/insert a million other fears. Of course I wasn’t alone in these feelings, but hormones tend to take over after having a baby to make us think otherwise.

I eventually swallowed my pride and reached out to some veteran mama friends who changed my entire way of thinking. That I am in no way alone. That I am {mostly} normal and am one stellar mom to my girls. That others have the same struggles and fears that I do.

Wichita Moms Blog hopes to serve that same purpose for you. To assure you that we are all in this together.

We have brought you a team of contributors from all over the Wichita-area, and they are moms trying to figure everything out just like me and you. But most importantly, they love their kids and our community.

Our goal is to bring true connection to Wichita moms – to each other and to our city. We plan to hold various events throughout the year, events that will allow you to get to know moms from all over Wichita as well as local businesses that Wichita moms adore.

In fact, our first opportunity to get to know you is this Thursday, February 26th. Join us at Apricot Lane, Wichita’s “Best Place for Women’s Clothing” according to Wichita Magazine. Come meet the faces behind Wichita Moms Blog and join us for a little shopping, a little nibbling, and a lot of connecting. The whole store will be 20% off just for YOU, and you’ll have the chance to win fabulous door prizes.

And because it’s launch week, it’s time to really celebrate, starting with a week of giveaways from local businesses that we personally love. Be sure to check out our giveaways page throughout the week to enter to win some Wichita favorites!

We are thrilled you are here. Please contact us anytime as we would love to hear from you! And be sure to subscribe and follow us on Facebook so you don’t miss out on anything!

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Angela is the founder of Wichita Mom, the premier parenting website and community for local moms. Wife to her high school bestie, mom to two girls, and native Wichitan, she is thrilled to be raising her family in her hometown after telling her family for years she "would never move back". She is a strong advocate for mental health, believes in the power of community, and walks the talk of "babes supporting babes". She is a self-proclaimed connector, enthusiast of many things, cheerleader of moms and women, and recently converted homebody.


  1. Yay! I’m so glad this is launching. I’ve loved reading the KC Moms Blog and I’m glad that there will now be a resource here in Wichita. And I won’t lie…I’d slacked off on my blogging but seeing this page has inspired me to start writing again!

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