Everything You Need to Know About Riding the Wichita Q-Line Trolley


Many Wichita families have already discovered the joy of the Wichita Q-Line Trolley. If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for? 1. It’s free. 2. Kids love trolleys. 3. It makes downtown adventuring 100 times more convenient and fun. End of story. 

Just kidding. While all that is true, there are a few more things you may want to know before embarking on a Wichita Q-Line adventure. 

1. Pay attention to the hours. Two routes operate on weekday lunch hours and two routes operate on evening and weekend hours; while the Douglas Extension (Orange Line to Clifton Square) is a Friday+ Saturday only addition. Additionally, summer and winter weekend hours vary.

2. No trolley service on Sunday. Bummer.

3. Look for the Q signs to find your stop. They are approximately every two blocks along the route, frequently with a bus stop. 

4. Trolleys run about every ten minutes. There’s an app (Apple + Android) and website to track them too! 

5. The Q-Line is a great ‘park & ride’ option for downtown events. The Douglas & St. Francis stop (all 4 routes) is the closest you’ll get to Intrust Bank Arena, but at just 1/10th from the North entrance, you won’t find closer free parking. For Century II+ Waterwalk events, use the Douglas & Main stop (all 4 routes) or stops along Main (Blue Line only). Lawrence-Dumont Stadium stops are along Sycamore and at Maple & McLean (Orange Line). 

6. So, where do you park your car? The Q-Line Transit map designates free public parking lots adjacent to the route in gray.

7. Know your routes- and you may need more than one to get to where you want to go.  All four routes extend along a significant portion of Douglas which makes transfers a breeze.

8. Wichita Transit had amended and added hours/routes before, so if there are community requests it’s possible Q-Line service could be expanded again. Don’t forget to speak up!

9. There are occasionally special routes for big events. Check the Wichita Transit Facebook page for the most up to date additions. 

Whether you’re looking for a fun family outing, a responsible and fun adult transportation alternative, or you’re looking to explore Wichita in a new way, the Q-Line is a great option. 

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Ginny Ellis is a hometown girl who happily resides in East Wichita with her husband, two young sons, two rowdy dogs, and one spoiled tortoise. Together they enjoy taking part in all our city has to offer, especially if it involves being outdoors, supporting the arts, or is particularly delicious. She is a WAHM who serves as WMB's Events Director as well as holding volunteer positions in Junior League of Wichita, on her neighborhood elementary school's PTO Board, and for United Way of the Plains. Ginny is a podcast enthusiast, laundry folding procrastinator, and insatiable reader who loves the Shockers, theme parties, and her margaritas on the rocks.