Lauren Scafe

Lauren is a lifetime Wichitan, and proud KU and WSU graduate, who is married to her high school sweetheart. She lives in west Wichita where she and her husband are raising their four kids (Brody- 13, Tucker-11, Charlotte-6, and Bennett-2). Lauren is a full-time school nurse but when she’s not at work she can usually be found at her older children’s sporting events while chasing her toddler. Her passions include sharing messy truths about motherhood through her blog the Strong Mother Guide and teaching girls about positive body image through her business, Girl Kindness Project.

7 Truths About Postpartum Sex

So you went in for your 6-week postpartum check up and they cleared you for sex - wahoo! But is that how you really feel about it? I know I didn’t, and I’m sure...