25 Cheap & Free Things to Do in Wichita This Fall

F is for Fall, Festivals, and Family Fun! It’s also for Frugal. International Frugal Fun Day is the first Saturday in October; this year falling on October 3rd. The goal is to keep activities under $5 a person, or even better, free! Having a family with kiddos, frugal finds are always a win to save us some cash. As we know, getting out with the entire fam can be quite pricey. I’ve compiled a list of exciting, yet thrifty, ways to celebrate locally during the month of October!

This is my third year writing this post, and it looks much different this year due to COVID. Be sure to continuous check with local spots to see their restrictions and opening status.

Frugal Fun Events in Wichita – October 2020

Woofstock, a fundraiser for the Kansas Humane Society is taking place Sept. 28-Oct 3rd. Check out the free virtual events during the week, and participate in the drive through event on Saturday the 3rd for only $10 per vehicle. Have fun and help pets on need of homes!

ICT Bloctober Fest is October 2-3rd with free admission to the grounds. Soak in some German family fun. *additional costs for food and beverage.

Bethel College’s Annual Fall Festival is held October 1st-4th features a several events in person and online including the college football game, exhibits, and nature walks. Admission is free to most events!

Inktober on the Trail The annual Art on the Trail has a new spin on it due to COVID. The Great Plains Nature Center created daily art challenges to encourage the community to get outside and create ink masterpieces. Grab art supplies, step out, and follow along with the fun!

Winfield’s Art in the Park Festival on Oct. 3rd features dozens of artists showcasing their work and food venders to enjoy. A $2 suggested donation is admission price.

Stearman Field hosts their annual Pumpkin Drop on October 24th from 1pm-3pm and is free to enjoy the show. Bring your lawn chairs and enjoy the air-pumpkin drop! 

Other Frugal Fun Around the Community

  • Enjoy the beautiful temps and pack a picnic! Find a great local place using our Best Picnic Spots in Wichita guide. Bring along a football or baseball and glove for a game of catch. 
  • Pack up for an overnight camping trip at an area campsite, or in your own backyard. Don’t forget the S’mores!
  • Visit the Keeper of the Plains, see its Ring of Fire, and take a stroll along the Arkansas River. 
  • Hunt for an urban legend, The Wichita Troll. It’s located in the area of 777 W. Central Ave in an underground lair. Can you find it? 
  • Go fishing. There are many great area fishing holes to enjoy. Find a list of them here.
  • Create a scavenger hunt to do at a local park. You can find some great fall themed scavenger hunt printables online. 
  • Visit a pumpkin patch. Yes, some can be pricey, but there are a few that offer low cost admission such as Meadowlark Farm, for only $2 per person to enjoy the grounds. Under age 13 is free! Or try Marietta Farms, only $5 to enjoy the grounds, with free admission for 2 and under. Grab a pumpkin for the kiddos to paint or carve!    
  • Head to Riverside Park to see the free Kansas Wildlife Exhibit
  • The Wichita Art Museum offers free admission on Saturdays and features many exhibits!
  • Visit a farmer’s market to sample some local goodies before they close up shop for the year. Use our handy Wichita Farmer’s Market Guide.
  • Head to the Advanced Learning Library that offers something for all ages!
  • Head out for a meal at one of these local places where kids eat free and cheap.
  • Take a tour of Wichita’s Delano, Old Town, Douglas Design District, and Clifton Square by riding the free trolley: The Q-Line.
  • Take a short road trip to Yoder, and immerse the Amish culture. 
  • Head to Lindsborg, Little Sweden, USA. 
  • Indulge in a sweet treat from a local shop such as Milk Float, Little Lion, Cocoa Dolce, or College Hill Creamery.
  • Visit one of ICT’s pop up parks, Gallery Alley for some local artwork and music. Be sure to find the giant spider while you’re there.
  • Take a family bike ride around the neighborhood or to a local park.
  • Do some good for your soul and for others by volunteering at a local organization. Be sure to connect with them prior to arrival.

I hope you enjoy your frugal family fun around the ICT!

Going All Out During Pumpkin Season: 12 Pumpkin Recipes You Don’t Want to Miss


Some moms celebrate the fall season by busting out all their autumn decor.  Some beautifully orchestrate family trips to the pumpkin patch.  Others seek out the best views for changing tree color.  While these fun activities are always on my fall bucket list too, I find that for me, one of the most enjoyable ways to get festive in the changing seasons is to start using pumpkin in my kitchen with reckless abandon.  Pumpkin season – I am here for you!

Pumpkin is so adaptable and full of vitamins and nutrients.  It can be made into sweet or savory foods. Pumpkin can literally be eaten at every meal of the day (not that I recommend doing that all in ONE day – I do have my limits).  Over the years, I’ve compiled my favorite pumpkin recipes into their own chapter in one of my recipe binders.  Here are some of my favorites!

Pumpkin in Drinks

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie by Ambitious Kitchen
Photo by Ambitious Kitchen


Homemade Pumpkin Chai Latte by Cookie & Kate
Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte by Eating Bird Food

Pumpkin for Breakfast

One-Bowl Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies by Real Food Whole Life
Pumpkin Pecan Oatmeal by Yours Truly

Breakfast Pumpkin Soufflé by The Natural Nurturer

Pumpkin for Dinner

Easy Pumpkin & Sausage baked Ziti by My Diary of Us
Photo by My Diary of Us
Quick Pumpkin Curry by Detoxinista
1-Pot Pumpkin Black Bean Soup by Minimalist Baker

Pumpkin in Snacks & Treats

Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins by Sally’s Baking Addiction
Pumpkin Chia Pudding by Dreena Burton
Pumpkin Magic Bars by Pamela Salzman

Whether you’re a seasoned, pumpkin loving aficionado or if you’re still not sure what all the  fuss is about, hopefully there’s something here that you’ll want to try this fall.

Top 10 Fall Date Ideas in Wichita


The season is changing from the hot-hot heat of the summer to the clean, crisp autumn air. That doesn’t mean your romance has to cool off along with the earth’s orbit. The fall brings many ways to enjoy time with your partner. Here is a list of fall dating ideas to check out and reconnect with your partner!

Pumpkin Patches

Who doesn’t love a good pumpkin patch? While we generally take the kids along, this would be a romantic way to spend an afternoon. Hire a photographer to take some couple’s photos! Check out our guide to local pumpkin patches.


Kansas has some great trials to explore, so lace up and hit the open air together! Check out this list of paths to explore near Wichita.


Doesn’t a picnic just speak romance? Dine like the Parisians do, al fresco with your sweetie! Check out this post to plan the perfect Wichita picnic.

Adult Camp Out

Light a campfire, bring your favorite grilling meals, s’mores, beverages and of course your sweetie. Connect with nature and each other. Our guide for local camping spots will help you get started planning a night under the stars.


Fishing presents lots of opportunity to just slow down and talk with your significant other. The fall is a great time to hit a fishing hole. Here are some local places to try.

Q Line Tour

Hop on and off Wichita’s Q Line street car. Stroll around and hit up local shops and eateries. Progressive dinners are quite popular these days, and the Q is a great way to hit up some of Wichita’s best restaurants. Check out this post for more on the Q.

Bike Rides

Wichita offers several great trials to hop on your bikes and get your hearts pumping. Here is a guide to some of our favorite spots.

Fall Harvest Dinner

I love the food and flavors fall harvest brings along. Work together to plan, shop and cook a romantic fall harvest meal together and enjoy!

Fruit Picking

One of my favorite things about Wichita are the local farms that we can all enjoy. The area has several locations to gather your own apples and peaches. Here is our guide on local fruit picking in the fall.

Drive in Movies

Autumn nights under the stars, your date, snacks, and a good flick. Hit up the Starlite Drive-In for a great fall date.

Finding time to get away without the kids is tough, but oh so important for your relationship! We hope you get some time away to enjoy each other!

Sanity & Money Saving Travel Tips for Moms


My lifelong dream of having children who love to travel as much as I do has come to fruition. Sometimes it’s a day trip to see a waterfall or a historic landmark nearby and sometimes it’s a 15 hour trip across country to stay a few weeks at our beach house. Either way, I’ve gathered a few tips over the years that have saved an enormous amount of money and time.  As we all know, traveling is costly and traveling with children is even more so. Friends, I’m here to tell you a few of my secrets to ease the burden and make traveling a little less expensive with your children.

Entertain Them

My main priority in the car is to make sure everyone is well entertained. Can I get an amen? The last thing I want to hear is, “Are we there yet?” eleventy billion times an hour for the duration of our road trip. 

One of our favorite ways to avoid boredom is to printout some car bingo cards before we leave and pack a few crayons so the kids can keep busy looking for objects to cross off of their cards. You can find a variety here. We like to print off the license plate or car make/model one for the older kids and simpler bingo’s for my younger babes. 

Another favorite way to entertain my younger kids is to take along a cheap cookie sheet from the dollar store and a ziplock baggie full of magnets. The plastic numbers and letter magnets are a real hit with this, but even just the magnets from your refrigerator will work.  Kids love magnets and this simple car entertainment has always kept them busy for much longer than I thought it would. Because the cookie sheets are thin and stackable this takes up very little room in the car. We’ve also discovered the cookie sheets can come in handy as lap trays for snacks or coloring too!

Lastly, we have the kids pack their tablets. There are so many free learning tools that can be downloaded onto their devices nowadays it almost seems a crime not to use them. The kids especially love the apps that read books to them. We make sure to pack their headphones so we don’t have a bunch of different books being read aloud at once. We also download a couple of movies they can watch over and over and at least one coloring app. There are a lot of apps out there so be sure to do your research and make sure the apps don’t need Wi-Fi in the car  (we learned that one the hard way).

The Right Timing

When we are traveling longer distances and we know it is going to be impossible to keep all the youngsters from losing their minds with boredom we will drive at night. We skip naps that day (to really wear those little brains out) and then leave in the evening right after dinner. The kids will knock out shortly after we get on the road once the excitement wears off and sleep all through the night. This also helps eliminate extra potty breaks and cuts the costs of roadside snacks.

While it can be tiring for my husband and myself, we seem to manage okay by rotating driving shifts. This has actually become our favorite way to travel and a great way for us to have meaningful adult conversation while the kids are all sound asleep in the back. Another bonus of traveling overnight – no traffic! We miss all the rush hours this way which saves us time and gas.

Travel Snacks!

After a few trips with a car full of kids we sat down and calculated how much money we were spending on snacks. Girlfriend, let me tell you, I got SICK to my stomach! Hand down, the best way you’re going to save money while traveling is to pack food to take along with you. We have what we call a ‘snack bin’; a plastic bin filled with healthy snacks for the kids…..applesauce packets, individual cracker packages, fruit snacks, beef jerky, etc. 

We put the bin in the back and the kids are allowed to snack at leisure on long trips. We also take along a small cooler with some water bottles, fresh fruit, and sandwich fixings. The kids are far less likely to guzzle a water bottle than they are sugary drinks which also helps cut down on stopping for bathroom breaks. With snacks and food right there in the vehicle nobody can use the, “I’m hungry” line over and over. It’s a win/win.  Of course, we still stop to stretch and walk around while getting gas but we don’t use that as an excuse to fill up on expensive gas station snacks.

Hopefully you’ve found these tips useful. Traveling and making memories with your loved ones is what summer is all about so have fun!

Low-Cost Child Care & High-Quality Early Learning at TOP Early Learning Centers in Wichita

This article is sponsored by TOP Early Learning Centers.

Regardless of the size of your paycheck, Wichita area moms will find TOP Early Learning Centers provide the highest quality care and early education, to children ages one to five, at a price just about anyone can afford. And, with three locations within our beautiful city, there’s bound to be one convenient for you.

Since 2003, TOP has been serving Wichita area families just like yours. Families who want to create a happier and more enjoyable life for themselves. TOP isn’t a chld care center. It is a place where struggling families are given an opportunity for a better life, and children are taught good school habits and are given a solid foundation for learning so they get a fair start in kindergarten.

Student Outcomes

Annual studies show that TOP students are better prepared for school than their peers, less likely to need special education, less likely to repeat a grade, and less likely to have repeat office visits when they enter public schools.

On average, 20% of three and four-year-olds enter TOP proficient in social development, mathematical thinking, social studies, scientific thinking, and language/literacy. However, 88% of them graduate from TOP with these proficiencies. You will be hard pressed to find another preschool that even measures these outcomes.

TOP’s Goals

With respect, love, and care, TOP’s teachers and staff prepare children for success in kindergarten and beyond by serving nutritious meals and snacks, helping children develop large and small motor skills through exciting activities, teaching appropriate social interactions, and providing a developmentally appropriate curriculum – all in a fun, safe, caring, environment.

TOP not only cares for the children it serves but also for the parents, connecting them to community resources that will assist them in improving their lives and even providing college scholarships to those who qualify.

What Sets TOP Early Learning Centers Apart

  • We have early learning centers located in three Wichita residential areas: TOP Early Learning Centers are located at 4600 S. Clifton Ave, 2330 Opportunity Dr, and 2165 N Arkansas.
  • Our centers offer full-day, year-round care for working families with Monday throgh Friday hours from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.
  • We provide breakfast lunch and a snack, prepared in our on-site kitchens and served to the children in their classrooms family style.
  • Our buildings are equipped with safety measures including security coded doors going into the classrooms.
  • Classrooms are staffed by a lead teacher, an assistant teacher and, as possible, an additional experienced adult.
  • We maintain low student/teacher ratios:
    • 5:1 for one- to two-year-olds
    • 8:1 for 2.5 year-olds
    • 12:1 for 3-5 year-olds
  • We base our tuition on a sliding scale and honor DCF funding.
  • Our Open Windows Learning Studios (OWLS) is a place where children learn through exploration and investigation, inspiring them through play and the use of inquiry-based methods to answer their questions and fuel their creativity.
  • We employ the highest-quality teachers.
  • All of TOP’s teachers receive regular professional development training and most have degrees.
  • Literacy is taught through prominent early learning curriculum recognized by local public schools.

The Opportunity Project (TOP) is a 501 c (3) charity based in Wichita, Kansas. TOP Early Learning Centers provide educational day care and preschool in some of Wichita’s poorest areas – Oaklawn, Evergreen, and north central Wichita. Dedicated to creating school readiness for at-risk children, TOP’s mission is to deliver a high-quality early learning experience to children living in poverty, providing them the tools needed for emotional, academic, and lifelong success. For more information, call 316-522-8677 or visit www.TOPELC.com and take a virtual tour.

Is Your Heart Calling You to Foster Care? What You Need to Know

This article by Amanda Marino, Attorney at Law is sponsored by Martin Pringle Law Firm.

For some, foster care is a calling.  It is a way to serve children and your community and make a direct impact on people’s lives, while also providing the opportunity to help a particular child or children in a multitude of ways.  

Have you had a calling for foster care, but don’t know where to start?  Follow along as I walk you through the various types of foster care, as well as other ways you can have a lasting impact on the life of a child.

Often, foster care will lead to brief moments of peace for children who have just been removed from their home. Others provide a loving home while the children adjust to their current circumstances, allowing their family to strengthen. And for some, their foster care placement ends in adoption. Through fostering, biological parents are given the opportunity for mentorship, to maintain or enhance the family bond, and support as they work toward a goal of reintegration.  

There are four types of foster care:

  • Respite Care
  • Short-term Care
  • Long-term Care,
  • Emergency Placement.  

There is also the option of adoption through foster care.  

Respite Care

Respite Care provides a break for foster care placements.   This may include requests for a long-day so the foster parent can run kid-free errands or attend a family event, a long weekend for self-care, or a week-long stay.  Many times, foster parents or grandparents who are providing respite care have no approved resource to assist them or give them a break.  This is a much-needed resource for those families.  This has been especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Short-term Care

Short-term care provides a foster home for children who are awaiting reintegration as their parents work to complete court orders.  They also provide homes for children who are waiting for an adoptive resource.  Short-term care is not a foster to adopt situation.  This may be a good fit for a family who wants to support and nurture a child through a difficult time in their life, but not commit to a long-term adoption.  This also provides an opportunity to mentor and assist the biological family and fostering a relationship with the child.

Long-term Care

Long-term care provides a foster home for children who are awaiting reintegration, but are also open to adoption if the parents fail to achieve reintegration.  Long-term care can be a difficult option for some families, as they become very bonded to the children and the outcome is not always adoption.  Helping a biological family long-term or becoming life-long extended family to a child are both rewarding and necessary part of foster care.  Many foster parents find ways to support and mentor the biological family on their path to reintegration and remain a part of the child’s life.

Emergency Placement

This is foster care placement that is very brief.  Placement occurs when the children are placed in police protective custody.  This requires flexibility, as this type of placement comes with no advanced notice or forewarning.  When children are placed in police protective custody, they are taken to the Wichita Children’s Home.  They are placed in an emergency foster care placement from there, usually within 24 hours.  These children remain in the emergency placement until a short-term, long-term or family placement is found.

Adoption from Foster Care

Finally, there are opportunities to adopt from foster care without having first fostered the child.  That said, there are still requirements.  Many times, this also requires pre-placement visits, adjustment periods, and a waiting period.  Foster care adoptions move at a slower pace than private adoptions, but are offered many resources and support.  Adoption from foster care also provides the opportunity to adopt a child who has above-average needs or has experienced trauma.  A forever home is the most loving gift for a child.

Does one of these options seem like the right fit for your family?  Here’s are a few of the requirements:

  • Pass a KBI and child abuse background check
  • Be over the age of 21
  • You must own or rent a home
  • You must meet the income guidelines allowing you to provide for additional children in your home
  • You are expected to provide care in safe, loving, and structured environment
  • You are expected to be emotionally able to handle children who have been abused, neglected or experienced trauma

Foster Care requires specific training and licensing.  There are several licensing agencies in Kansas, including, but not limited to:

  • St. Francis Ministries
  • Kansas Children’s Service League
  • KVC
  • Pathway Family Services
  • Cornerstones of Care

Finally, bring a big heart.  You will need the room for all the love!

Amanda Marino has committed her entire legal career working toward ensuring positive outcomes for the children, always focusing on the child’s best interest. Prior to joining Martin Pringle’s Adoption team, Amanda spent 15 years in the District Attorney’s Office with 12 years representing the State of Kansas in Child in Need of Care (CINC) matters. In that role, Amanda had the unique opportunity to build relationships with families who adopted through the foster care system which ultimately inspired her to grow her law practice in the adoption and surrogacy arena. Amanda’s love for children extends far beyond her legal career. In her spare time, you will find Amanda coaching basketball and softball, as well as serving as Den Leader for two girl dens in Cub Scout Pack 515. Amanda received her undergraduate degree from Oklahoma City University and completed her law degree at the University of Kansas School of Law. Amanda is admitted to practice in Kansas and focuses her career on adoption, surrogacy law & family law.

Eat Local, Give Local: Junior League of Wichita Announces ‘Taste of Wichita’ October 2nd-11th

This article is sponsored by Junior League of Wichita.

Junior League of Wichita was heartbroken after announcing the cancellation of its annual upscale shopping event, Holiday Galleria 2020. This event is a tradition for many women in Wichita who start their holiday shopping each year by perusing the many unique merchant vendors from across the country.

“Holiday Galleria is not only our signature fundraiser, it’s an annual tradition for many,” said Junior League President Rachel Banning. Since the League’s inception, it has contributed more than $5.8 million to the Wichita community in the form of community projects. More than $44 million in-kind services in the form of volunteer hours have been donated to improve the quality of life in the Wichita area.

Despite the setback from COVID-19, Junior League Wichita is thrilled to extend an invitation to you for dinner—or lunch. 

Taste of Wichita will showcase a variety of local eateries who will put their best foot forward with special menu offerings. When you visit an old favorite or venture to a new locale, you will not only enjoy a truly unique dining experience but also be delighted in knowing you are supporting our community.

“Now, more than ever, it is important to be united in community and remain in service to each other,” said Banning. “Taste of Wichita offers opportunities to experience the different subcultures of our city, engage with friends, support our local restaurants, and our mission.”

How It Works

More than a dozen restaurant are participating in this year’s Taste of Wichita. Whether you’re dining in or picking up curbside, each participating restaurant will offer a special Taste of Wichita Menu during the 10 days.

When you visit or place your order, be sure to ask for the special Taste of Wichita menu. The lunch menus will include an appetizer/salad and entree for $15. The dinner menus will include appetizer/salad, entree and dessert for $30. A percentage of these menus will go to support Junior League of Wichita.

Who’s Invited?

Foodies and non-foodies—all are welcome and this is perfect for those who love to eat fantastic food—on a budget—while supporting local—and making a difference!

When Is It?

It’s just a few weeks away! Friday, October 2 through Sunday, October 11, 2020.

Which Restaurants Are Participating?

Here are the restaurants participating in Taste of Wichita this year:

  • 6S
  • The Belmont
  • Bonefish Grill
  • College Hill Deli
  • George’s French Bistro
  • Lola’s Bistro
  • Molina’s Mexican Cuisine
  • Prost
  • The Rusty Nail
  • Sapporo Japanese Sushi Restaurant
  • Two Olives Restaurant and Bar
  • Vora Restaurant European
  • Wine Dive

We are sharing our love for Wichita with an invitation exclusively for you to eat local and give local.

Guide to Birthday Parties in Wichita

We love a good celebration – whether it’s a birthday party, bridal or baby shower, a rehearsal or anniversary party – and we are thrilled to bring the Guide to Wichita Birthday Parties to help you plan your next celebration! Whether you like to host at home, make every detail Pinterest-perfect, or want someone else to handle it all (especially the entertainment and clean-up), we’ve got you covered with the ultimate resource to venues, supplies, entertainment and more. Wichita birthday party

Thank you to Tanganyika Wildlife Park  for helping with the production of this guide, as well as the other local businesses and venues featured in this resource.

Click here for a comprehensive listing of all the birthday parties and planning options in Wichita!

Wichita Birthday Parties

Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Type of Party Business: Wichita Birthday Party Venue

Location: Goddard: 1000 S Hawkins Ln.

Ages: 11 and under, similar packages for 11 and over

Cost: Packages start at $175

Phone: (316) 794-8954

Party with the animals at Tanganyika Wildlife Park! Tanganyika is one of the only places locally where you get to interact directly with animal ambassadors. Birthday party packages for animal lovers of all ages include ice cream, discounts, tokens, and party animals like hedgehogs, sugar gliders, penguins and more! Tanganyika can also bring the party to you! Offsite birthday experiences are 1.5 hours of animal encounters, hands-on activities, and FUN!

Pigtails and Crewcuts

Birthday 2019 Pigtails

Type of Party Business: Wichita Birthday Party Venue

Location: East Wichita at 2431 N. Greenwich Rd

Ages: 3-14

Cost: Starting at $150

Phone: (316) 847-8888

All birthday parties are all-inclusive! The party hosts, dress-up, choice of 2 services, age appropriate activity, cupcakes & juice, goodie bags and of course set-up and clean-up are provided so parents can enjoy the party as much as their children. Parties at Pigtails are stress-free! Just show up, have fun and they’ll handle the rest!

Bliss Climbing and Fitness

Bliss Bouldering Climbing

Type of Party Business: Venue, Entertainment

Location: East Wichita: 11114 E 28th St N

Ages: 6-15

Cost: $275 for up to 10 children, $22 for each additional child

Phone: (316) 831-1479

A Bliss Bouldering party includes (for your children 6-15): 90 minutes of climbing, 30 min in party room, equipment rentals, t-shirt for birthday guest, full color invitations, paper products, party room set up, water and lemonade, gift bag for guests, 2 dedicated staff members, $100 deposit non-refundable ($50 will be refunded if cancel more than 2 weeks before event), add-ons additional belayers $45 each. Birthday Parties must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Paint the Towne

Birthday 2019 Paint Towne

Type of Party Business: Wichita Birthday Party Venue, Entertainment

Location: Easts: Kellogg & Rock and West: Central & Ridge

Ages: 5 to adult

Cost: Birthdays start at $90, $15 for each additional child

Phone: (316) 425-1941

Paint the Towne offers guided paint birthday parties for ages 5 and up. The birthday child will select one painting from the gallery in advance or a custom painting can be created at no additional charge (requires extra notice). Child parties are $15 per painter and include one hour of painting, one hour of party for ages 5-15. You can bring in any food or drink.

Board and Brush

Birthday 2019 Board

Type of Party Business: Wichita Birthday Party Venue, Entertainment

Location: Midtown: 1108 E Douglas, Wichita, KS

Ages: all ages welcome

Cost: $25 – $68 per person

Phone: (316) 558-7132

Your child will be thrilled to celebrate at Board and Brush Creative Studio with a wooden sign workshop and you will love that the mess will not be in your home! Unique and stylish projects will be so much fun for the birthday boy or girl to complete with their friends. Board and Brush takes care of set up for the party and gives you 1 to 1.5 hour of painting, stenciling and more! You may bring in your own cake, snacks and drinks! All of the materials are provided and the amazing staff offers guided instruction for each project. Each guest will leave with a beautiful, fun, whimsical piece to adorn his or her walls and best of all they do all the clean up so you can enjoy the party!

Exploration Place

Birthday 2019 EP

Type of Party Business: Wichita Birthday Party Venue

Location: Downtown Wichita: 300 N. McLean Blvd., Wichita, KS

Ages: 1 year and up

Cost: $170 – $380

Phone: (316) 660-0620

It’s a piece of cake! Enjoy your child’s special day at Exploration Place where set up, cake, beverages, tableware and decorations are taken care of. Choose from four options, including the popular Adventurer Party and the After-Hours Party Rental in the Where Kids Rule castle! Themes include bubbles, aviation, super scientist, or Kansas.

Monart School of Art

2019 Party Monart

Type of Party Business: Wichita Birthday Party Venue, Entertainment 

Location: East Wichita: 7230 E 29th St N

Ages: 4 to adult

Cost: $250 for 12 participants, $5 per child after 12

Phone: (316) 683-2500

If your child enjoys making things with their hands, this is the perfect way to celebrate their birthday! There are five different options for birthday parties: a Monart Drawing or Painting Party, a Craft Party, Plaster Pouring Party or a Lego Party. The party is tailored to your theme or tastes; the more they know about the birthday person, the more creative the projects at the party can be. You provide the theme, and they’ll do the rest!

Wichita Riding Academy, Inc.

Wichita Riding Birthday 2018

Type of Party Business: Wichita Birthday Party Venue

Location: Derby: 10727 East 39th Street South

Ages: 3 and up

Cost: Packages start at $100.00

Phone: (316) 651-0876

Wichita Riding Academy’s Birthday Parties with the horses and farm animals. Indoors or outdoors available for your perfect party. You bring the kids and party items, they provide the facility and animals! Kids 3 and up can ride and  younger kids will enjoy interacting with the farm animals. Enjoy the fresh country atmosphere. A large lawn for playing games and picnics, tables available too.

The Popcorner

Birthday 2019 Popcorner

Type of Party Business: Party Supplies and Birthday Treats

Location: East at 11330 E Central and West at 2121 N Tyler

Ages: All Ages

Cost: A bag of birthday cake popcorn starts at $3.99. They also carry tins and other pre-packaged items.

Phone: (316) 733-0099 east and (31) 613-8828 west

Birthday Cake popcorn makes a great party favor. They also custom make any flavor of popcorn that you can think up. People also enjoy purchasing bulk popcorn balls or popcorn bags as party favors. Birthday tins that can be filled with any flavor and come with unlimited 50% off refills are available!

Kansas Humane Society

Humane Birthday 2018 2

Type of Party Business: Birthday Party Venue

Location: East Wichita: 3313 N Hillside

Ages: 5 and up

Cost: Packages start at $190

Phone: (316) 220-8709

Party packages include up to 15 children. Additional children can be added for an additional charge. KHS provides private party room, room decorated with table covers, centerpieces, and tableware (plates, napkins, cups, forks), Shelter tour (tour of pet adoption gallery), visit from an animal guest. Depending on the package you choose, you may have a choice of two activities from the activity list and one Party Perk. Each party does include a goody bag for each child and staff to run the party and activities. Family may bring in any food/drink they choose

Color Me Mine

Birthday 2019 Color Me

Type of Party Business: Birthday Party Venue, Party Venue

Location: West: 2441 N Maize Rd, Suite 215 in New Market Square

Ages: all ages

Cost: $100 party area rental plus pottery pieces, gratuity & tax

Phone: (316) 425-5614

Come pARTy! Guests have fun painting their own one-of-a-kind work of art. Party area rental fee ($100) includes studio fees for up to 14 painters for two hours, instruction and clean up. Guest of honor receives keepsake plate & VIP pass. Food & decorations welcome. Pottery can be selected before or on the day of the event. A budget of $20/kid provides a variety of choices. Subject to tax & gratuity. Items will be ready for pickup in a week, after firing in the kiln. More info & book online at wichita.colormemine.com.

Love of Character

Birthday 2019 LOC

Type of Party Business: Wichita Birthday Party Venue, Venue, Party Supplies, Printed Materials 

Location: Central: 3200 E Douglas Avenue

Ages: All

Cost: Rentals start at $100; Balloon Garlands start at $10/ft

Phone: 316-351-5527

At Love of Character you can host a party, find party supplies, order invitations and balloons. They want to help you add character to your next event! The event spaces are perfect for small or medium sized events – birthday parties, showers, rehearsal dinners, small receptions and more. The 3200 space holds around 30 people, and 3202 can hold around 60 for half space or 100 for full space. Balloon garlands have been a party favorite – available for pickup or delivery. Party supplies, shop online and in store – fun new way to digitally plan your tables coming soon!


Wichita Gymnastics Club

Birthday 2019 Gymnastics

Type of Party Business: Wichita Birthday Party Venue, Entertainment 

Location: East: 9400 East 37th Street North

Ages: 4-11

Cost: Packages starting at $125

Phone: (316) 634-1900

WGC is your headquarters for the best birthday party in town! Let Wichita Gymnastics help you! It’s the easiest party you ever hosted because they do it all. From set-up, to entertainment, to clean up, you’re covered. Paper products, a juice box for every child, a T-shirt for the birthday child, and invitations you can print are supplied. Choose your party: gym, swim, or swim/gym (swim parties in the summer)! Gym parties include rock wall, zip line, ring challenge, obstacle course and maze! Add swimming, and kids spend time in the heated outdoor pool. Just bring the cake, the birthday child, and your guests!

Mark Arts

Type of Party Business: Wichita Birthday Party Venue, Venue, Entertainment

Location: East: 1307 N. Rock Road

Ages: 5 to adult

Cost: Packages start at $200

Phone: (316) 634-2787

What better way to capture memories than with artwork made together! Spend your special day doing projects in bookbinding, clay, cooking, jewelry assembling, mixed media, painting, paper-marbling or printmaking. In a youth private party, the instructor will provide step-by-step guidance on a preselected activity. This activity can be based on a theme, or the instructors can help come up with ideas for the activity. Instruction and supplies are provided, so all you need to bring are any optional treats you would like to have.

Sedgwick County Zoo

Zoo Birthday 2018

Type of Party Business: Wichita Birthday Party Venue, Venue , Entertainment, Bakery/Birthday Treats

Location: West Wichita: 5555 W Zoo Blvd.

Ages: All ages

Cost: $175 for members or $195 for non-members-includes: 12 guests (children and/or adults). Each additional guest is $8.00.

Phone: (316) 266-8252

Our party package provides all the basics: party room, Zoo host, cake, beverages and serving items. It is best to call at least 2 weeks in advance to reserve your birthday party date. Each party includes a Cheri’s Bakery cake, animal crackers or popcorn, fruit punch beverage and party favor for each child with a special birthday backpack for the birthday child. Prices include the birthday party room inside the Plaza Beastro for one hour with a Zoo host. After the party, they store your gifts so you can enjoy the rest of the day exploring the Zoo. Cake themes: Elephant, Farms, Gorilla, Jungle or Snake!

Happily Ever After

Birthday Parties Happily Ever After

Type of Party Business: Kids Entertainments -Super Heroes & Princesses

Location: Travels to you!

Cost: $100-$220

Phone: (316) 737-9870

Happily Ever After Parties, LLC is a Kansas registered, fully insured, locally owned and operated entertainment company.  We strive to create unique, unforgettable, and magical character experiences for children of all ages in the Wichita, KS and surrounding area. Our superheros and princesses are available for birthday parties, corporate gatherings, employee/customer appreciation functions, charitable and other special events.  Our purpose is to bring hope, comfort, and happiness to children and their families with a vision to be a beacon of light during trying times.


Just Face It

Type of Party Business: Entertainment

Location: We come to you – Wichita and surrounding areas

Ages: 2 – adult

Cost: Packages start at $95

Phone: (316) 200-8600

Imagine a team of professional face and body artists that will come to your events to magically transform your little guests into the characters of their dreams. These artists are fully insured and have years of experience in the face and body painting industry. This creative team will work with you to create themed designs geared toward your specific event. Also offered, full-face individual custom designs for special events.

Hue and Hazel

Type of Party Business: Printed Materials

Location: Wichita and beyond

Ages: All ages

Cost: $12 – $30

Phone: (316) 619-2826

Hue & Hazel is a small, girl-boss run design studio and paper company, specializing in party invitation printables and other printable party decor so you can get invites and decorations printed fast and be back to mommin’! Looking for a completely unique look for your party? They love taking custom orders!

September Moon Cupcakery

Birthday 2019 September

Type of Party Business: Bakery/Birthday Treats

Location: East: Andover

Ages: All

As a stay at home baker baking cupcakes for the greater Wichita area and specializing in cupcakes of all sizes; minis, regular, giant cupcake cakes, and pull-apart cakes, she strives to customize every order with the client and provide the best cupcakes for whatever your specific needs are.

Twisted by Chris Conner

Type of Party Business: Entertainment

Location: We’re located on the West Side but we come to you!

Ages: 1-100

Phone: (316) 943-8715

Want to have some totally twisted fun at your next birthday party? With amazing, twisted balloon creations, astounding magical illusions, and a slightly twisted sense of humor, Chris Conner will give your guests an experience they’ll never forget. Make your next birthday celebration even more magical – contact Twisted by Chris Conner today!

Wichita Yard Greetings

Birthday 2019 Yard

Type of Party Business: Wichita Party Rental Company 

Location: Wichita & surrounding areas. We come to you!

Ages: All Ages

Cost: Standard greetings start at $95 / call for quote

Phone: (316) 644-1524

These signs will enhance every special occasion and event. Guaranteed to bring smiles to all ages when they see their big shout out. Full set-up and take-down included. Standard single phrase greetings are $95 for approx 24 hour rental, customized as needed. Lots of fun signs to choose from. Call or text at 316-644-1524 to reserve your special date, making the process super simple. Check out FB to see samples.

USA Martial Arts & Fitness

Wichita Birthday Party Guide

Type of Party Business: Location/Venue (birthday packages offered) 

Location: East Wichita//3919 North Hillcrest St

Ages: 3 and up

Cost: Packages start at $250

Phone: (316) 390-1053

Bring your birthday ninja to us for a kicking good party! We will provide a fun, safe and structured event where your child (boy or girl) and their friends can learn the ways of a ninja. They will break boards, learn to kick, and conquer ninja challenges.The birthday ninja will get to cut their cake with a ninja sword and will receive a free month of martial arts classes and a uniform!

Sign Gypsies Wichita

Wichita Birthday Sign Gypsies

Type of Party Business: Rental Company, Printed Materials, Signage

Location: Serving Andover, Augusta, Derby, Goddard, Haysville, Kechi, Maize, Rose Hill, Valley Center, Wichita, and Mcconnell Airforce Base

Ages: All Ages

Cost: Yard Greetings start at $90

Phone: (316) 531-0383

Sign Gypsies Wichita helps you celebrate BIG! We will work with you to create a custom yard greeting that’s as special as your guest of honor. In fact, we do the work for you, both setting up and retrieving your greeting. We’re on a mission to launch a million smiles and help celebrate the milestones of life. Book today if you are ready to celebrate BIG!

Explore Wichita Birthday Party Options By Category

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Klausmeyer Farm & Pumpkin Patch Opening September 19th

This article is sponsored by Klausmeyer Farm & Pumpkin Patch.

Klausmeyer Farm and Pumpkin Patch is a family favorite for creating those memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Here at the farm our visitors’ are just like family. We work hard to create a very nostalgic atmosphere. This is a place where you can catch your breath and escape your busy routines and schedules and just enjoy the simple life here on the farm. We will be sure to provide everything needed to bring you those fall vibes everyone is talking about!

We will open our gates September 19th – November 1st and will have several different varieties of pumpkins to choose from, along with many activities for families and visitors to enjoy. Don’t forget to pick up your Kettle Corn, it’s made fresh here at the patch.


Our Pumpkin Patch is open 7 days a week from 10am-7pm | Note: We do have reduced admission price on weekdays as some attractions are not included 

Weekend Admission: $8 for the patch and $6 for the 5 acre Maze (2 and under are free) 
Combo Weekend Price: $13
Weekday Admission: $7 for the patch and $6 maze A small gourd is included on the weekdays ONLY
Combo Weekday Price: $10 (2 and under free)


Weekdays at the farm we will have a general admission which includes pig races (11:00am and 5:00pm) and milking demonstration to follow. Also included with this is hayrides to our pumpkin patch, corn pits, farmer ninja warrior, playground area, jumpy pillow, child size zip lines, hay bale maze, duck races, barrel rides and more. Our mother’s room will also be available for breastfeeding moms, and for diaper changing. We also have outdoor picnic areas available too if you decide to bring a picnic lunch. We will also have our concessions for you to purchase fun foods and drinks! 

On weekends, you better be ready for a full day of fun on the farm! Along with all our weekday attractions we offer more pig race times and we sprinkle in a few more exciting things for you all to enjoy, from pony rides and gem mining to zombie paintball and the barn of fear! Don’t forget about our concessions where you can enjoy a hot apple cider or hot cocoa on cool days or a snow cone on the warm days! We even have roasted corn, kettle corn, and cotton candy for y’all!

Zombie Paintball & Flashlight Maze

This year we will have our Zombie paintball and Flashlight Maze open Friday night, Saturday day and night, and Sunday afternoons. Ride along in a trailer lined with paintball guns and help us weed our pasture of the live zombies. 

Fall Crop Market

Let us help you get your home ready for the fall season! 

Corn/Sedan sorghum stalks: $5 per bundle
Pumpkins priced by size not weight: $1-$20
Straw hay bales for decor: $5
Gourds: $1-$3

Contact Us

Phone: (316)706-5391 
Email: [email protected]
Message us on Facebook: Klausmeyer Farm and Pumpkin Patch

We are located about 20 minutes southwest from the Wichita area at 8135 S 119th W Clearwater KS 67026. Don’t forget to like and follow We are located about 20 minutes southwest from the Wichita area. for updates on events, weather, and specials! 

Debbie and Dave Klausmeyer (Farmer Dave) have been hard working farmers all their lives. When schools started asking to visit their dairy farm for field trips in 2005 the wheels started to turn and 2 years later they added the pumpkin patch. Each year they try to add more things to their pumpkin patch to make it a great experience for all ages. They’ve always loved sharing their farm with the public and educating them on the agricultural lifestyle. Remember when you visit their farm that it’s still in operation and while you are picking pumpkins they are driving combines and harvesting other crops as well, which makes it very different than any other pumpkin patch.

Our Favorite Coffee Shops in Wichita

If you’ve ever been out and about in an unfamiliar part of town wishing you had a hot cup of coffee in your hand, you’ve come to the right place. Here are all our favorite coffee shops in Wichita listed by neighborhood!

Coffee Shops in Downtown/Midtown Wichita

  • Reverie Coffee Roasters
    • Two locations: 2202 E. Douglas Ave.  and in the Advanced Learning Library at 711 W. 2nd St.  
    • A highly-informal reader poll suggests that Reverie is one of Wichita’s most-favored local coffee shops.  Their drinks are as beautiful as they are tasty!
  • Leslie Coffee Co. – 930 W. Douglast, Ste. A 
    • This is a go-to for the WMB Team! Right in the heart of Delano, Leslie Coffee has such a fun modern vibe with the most beautiful teal ceiling and has a small private room in the back. Be sure to look closely for the iconic ICT wallpaper.
    • We recommend: they truly have one of the best lattes in town in our humble opinion (we hear the Lavendar is tasty), and their avocado toast is to die for.
  • Espresso To Go Go – Two locations:  “The One with the Disco Ball” – 102 N. St. Francis and “The One with the Unicorn at the Lux” – 120 E. 1st St. N.
    • Friends of WMB explain that “what makes [Espresso To Go Go] special is that you can order from the board or from your heart. They have lots of specialty drinks that are not written down. Tell them what you are in the mood for and they will custom make a drink just for you. Hot or iced? Sweet or strong or both?”  Recommendations from Wichita residents include, the “Master Shake” (iced), the “Velvet Thunder,” or an Earl Gray tea drink the “Proper Gentleman.”
  • Common Grounds Coffee House – 2812 E. Douglas Ave.
    • Common Grounds Coffee House is geared towards providing an environment of coffee-drinking and fellowship.
  • Scooter’s Coffee – Three midtown locations:  (1) 801 E. Douglas Ave., Suite #110; (2) 311 N. Washington; and (3) 3100 W. McCormick St. (Newman University).
    • Most are familiar with the Midwestern coffee chain and its iconic kiosk-style buildings that are sprinkled throug
      Wichita Coffee Shops
      College Hill Creamery

      hout the city.  Scooter’s prides itself on high-quality drinks, speedy service, and friendly staff.

  • R Coffee House – 1144 N. Bitting
    • Although it is in the former “Riverside Perk” location, this is an entirely new business!  It has undergone a complete remodel and is under new ownership and management.  Take your kids to Riverside Park and then grab some joe on the way home!
  • The Vagabond – 614 W. Douglas
    • Coffee shop by day, full-service bar by night.  I think that covers all the food groups!
  • College Hill Creamery  – 3700 E. Douglas (Clifton Square)
    • This place was reopened with new ownership and management earlier this year and considers itself to be “less an ice cream store that sells coffee and more a coffee shop that sells ice cream.”  Check out this Macinaw fudge chunk ice cream on a fresh Belgian waffle, drowned in a double shot of espresso, and you’ll be happy they have both!
  • The Donut Whole – 1720 E. Douglas St.
    • Although the Donut Whole is better known for its donuts, it also features fresh, house-blend coffee and espresso.
  • Starbucks
    • 2166 N. Amidon Ave. (Twin Lakes)

Coffee Shops in East Wichita

  • Il Primo Expresso Cafe – 6422 E. Central Ave.
    • Il Primo is a long-standing east Wichita favorite among coffee drinkers–and they even have a drive-through, which we all know is essential for moms!  You can even take your kiddos in and treat them to a mocha steamer.
  • Scooter’s Coffee – 3123 N. Rock Rd.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts – 11310 E. 21st St. N.
    • This is another one that requires little explanation.  It may be known for its donuts, but its coffee is a close second!
  • Starbucks – Need I say more?
    • 8008 E. Central Ave.
    • 7707 E. Central Ave. (Dillon’s)
    • 3000 N. Rock Rd.
    • 3707 N. Woodlawn (Dillon’s)
    • 2244 N. Rock Rd. Ct. (Dillon’s)
    • 10800 E. 21st St. N. (Target)
  • Cocoa Dolce – 2132 N. Rock Rd. (Bradley Fair)
  • LaMar’s Donuts and Coffee – 3130 N. Rock Rd.
    • LaMar’s is a Kansas City-based chain with 3 locations on the east, west, and south sides of Wichita.  Although it is first and foremost a donut shop, their beverage menu should not be overlooked if you are on the hunt for a caffeine fix.

Coffee Shops in West Wichita

  • Kookaburra Coffee – 9414 W Central 
    • Kookaburra boasts a gorgeous interior and a quick drive-through for moms on the go! Tasty menu items for a quick breakfast or afternoon snack
  • Ecclesia Coffee – 7130 W. Maple, Suite 280 (near Maple and Ridge).
    • Ecclesia features hot and cold espresso selections, teas, smoothies, and pastries (including some gluten-free and egg-free options!).  They also host live music and other events.
  • The Bean Scene – Two locations (1) 8606 W. 13th St. N., Suite 120; and (2) “The Bean Scene II” at 4935 W. Central Ave, Suite 110.
  • Paradise Donuts & Coffeehouse – 10607 W. Maple St.
    • If you want to try Reverie’s beans but are on the west side, Paradise features coffee and espresso made with Reverie beans!  {The donut/ice cream treat featured on Paradise’s Facebook page looks ah-mazing.}
  • Dunkin’ Donuts – 333 S. West St.
  • LaMar’s Donuts and Coffee – 10051 W. 21st St. N
  • Scooter’s Coffee – Three west-side locations: (1) 7399 W. Central Ave. (Central Heights Shopping Mall); (2) 13335 W. Maple St.; and (3) 3480 N. Ridge Rd.
  • Starbucks
    • 2241 N. Maize Rd., A-1 (New Market Square)
    • 2727 N. Maize Rd. (Target)
    • 583 S. West
    • 7575 W. Maple St.
    • 10515 W. Central Ave.
    • 8971 W. Central Ave.
    • 14415 W. Maple St. (Dillon’s)
  • Want Coffee – 2615 W. 13th St. N.

Coffee Shops in South Wichita

  • Churn and Burn – 548 S. Oliver St.
    • Churn and Burn takes a unique twist on coffee and prides itself on ice cream and coffee combos called “Churn & Burns.”  I think this covers all the main food groups.
  • LaMar’s Donuts and Coffee  – 3301 E. Harry St.
  • Starbucks
    • 1600 S. Rock Rd.
    • 4747 S. Broadway St.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts – 2299 S. Airport Rd.
    • It might be cheating to call this “south Wichita,” but don’t forget to check out Dunkin’ Donuts inside the new terminal at Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport!
  • Java Villa Cafe – 7812 E. Harry St.
    • This shop is located near Harry and Rock and features espresso drinks, coffee, tea, made-from-scratch pies, and a number of lunch items.

Out-of-Town and Noteworthy

  • Moxi Junction (Maize) – 319 S. Park
    • Moxi Junction is incredibly unique and has so many things to love, from its location inside a charming remodeled home and employ
      coffee shops Derby KS
      Sally Cavanaugh Photography

      ment of special needs adults and teens.  Try the Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee–you will not be disappointed!

  • BrewCo. Coffeehouse (El Dorado) – 142 N. Main
    • Our resident El Dorado contributor adores BrewCo. and swears by their Mango Green Tea Smoothie.  Bonus :: They are mom-friendly and have even been known to offer curbside service to allow a mom to avoid waking a sleeping baby!
  • Jane’s Landing (Mulvane) – 1002 N. 2nd Ave.
    • This relatively-new shop has already garnered quite a following.  They even have delicious sparking lemonades for the non-coffee drinker (if such a mom exists).
  • Rusted Rooster (Andover) – 837 N. Andover Rd.
    • It’s not just coffee! Grab a quick lunch or dinner and stay to shop their vintage finds!

Ultimate Guide to Halloween & Fall Events in Wichita

fall Halloween

Wichita has so much to offer when it comes to fall fun! This year may look a little different when it comes to fall festivals and events, but there is still local fall fun to be had! We are excited to bring you our Ultimate Guide to Fall and Halloween in Wichita with plenty of time to plan your family’s memory-making adventures!

We’ve compiled and curated what is happening around Wichita this fall to help you find exactly what you are looking for — from pumpkin patches and corn mazes to orchards and events for teens & adults, this will be your BEST resource for all things Fall and Halloween in and around the Wichita area!

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You’ve Been Booed! A Fun Halloween Tradition to Start in Your Neighborhood

One early October night a few years ago we noticed an unexpected pumpkin waiting for us as we were getting ready for dinner. Walking outside we found that this pumpkin wasn’t a trick, but rather a sweet treat from one of our neighbors explaining that we had been Booed and it was now our turn to pass it on. This began my love affair with Booing my neighbors to kick off the Halloween season. What is a Boo you may ask? Booing is a fun Halloween tradition where you secretly place a gift on your neighbors’ porch for them to find along with a note telling them that they have been booed along with instructions for how to pass it on. 

How to Boo Your Neighbors:

If you have received a Boo, step one is to place a sign on your front door or in a window sharing with all your neighbors that you have been visited. Now it is your turn to spread the spirit! Each year I enjoy putting together a basket full of goodies for two of my neighbors. I try to tailor my baskets towards the families that I intend to boo.  If the family has little kids a Halloween themed book stickers, and coloring pages make for the perfect basket.  For families with school aged children activity books, crafts like Perler beads or shrink-a-dinks are great to keep them busy. Other great gets are Halloween themed pencils, bubbles, light up necklaces (perfect to be used for Halloween night to keep children visible), and window cling decorations are just a few ideas. I love hitting up any dollar store, the Target Dollar Spot, Hobby Lobby, or Michael’s to fill my baskets. So much of Halloween is food based that I try to steer clear of candy, but throwing in a movie theater sized box of candy or two helps make the basket extra sweet. 

Now it is time to deliver your boo! You have two days from the day you got booed to get your delivery completed. Along with your basket have two copies of the We’ve Been Booed sign with instructions included in your baskets. Now as quiet as a thief in the night, which this is the hardest part for my son, deliver your baskets to your neighbors to find.

Such an easy fun way to make Halloween about more than just a single day.

Booing doesn’t have to be just for the families/neighbors that have kids. Leave adult-only neighbors a basket with a bag of coffee, fancy chocolates, or even a potted mum. While getting my supplies ready this year I spotted the cutest You’ve Been Boozed wine gift bags! I grabbed a few to share with those neighbors that I know enjoy an adult beverage.

Ready to get a new tradition started in your neighborhood, use our You’ve Been Booed printable to get things rolling and have a boo-tiful Halloween!

Pumpkin Patches in Wichita

pumpkin patchesThe best pumpkin patches in the Wichita and surrounding areas below!

Fall is just a few weeks away! Soon, the leaves will be turning, the air will get cooler, the sun will go down sooner, and we’ll switch out our tank tops and flip-flops for sweaters and boots. With the change of the seasons comes many family traditions, including a trip to the pumpkin patches to pick your own pumpkin, take a spin through a corn maze, and try your hand at carnival games!

For more family fun this autumn, don’t forget to check out our Ultimate Guide to Fall & Halloween Events in Wichita!

Thank you to our featured farms for sponsoring this guide and for making these type of resources possible for our community! 

Klausmeyer Pumpkin Patch

pumpkin patches

September 19 – November 1

Admission (now open weekdays!):

Pumpkin Patch (includes most activities) $8.00/person weekends, $7.00/person weekdays (small gourd is included with weekday admission!) 
Corn Maze $6.00/person 
Combo Pack:  includes Pumpkin Patch + Corn Maze $13/person weekends, $10 /person weekdays 
Tickets for Attractions (weekends only): $2/ticket 
*2 and under free
**Pumpkins purchased separately


Petting zoo, hay wagon rides, dairy barn tours, pig races, playground, Grub Hub concessions, hay bale maze and more! Pony Rides (weekends only 12pm-6pm) (2 Tickets) $4, Barrel Rides (1 Ticket) $2, Gem Mining (2 Tickets) $4, Zombie Paintball (5 Tickets) $10, Target practice paintball (3 Tickets) $6, Barn of Fear (2 tickets) $4, Large Sling Shot (1tickets) $2

Weekday Pig Races:11:00am and 5 pm Milking Demonstration to follow 
*FREE small gourd with weekday visit

Insider Tip:

There is something here for every age group to enjoy, from their corn pits for toddlers to zombie paintball for grade school age, teens, and adults. There’s also a designated mother’s area for breastfeeding and diaper changes. Some people prefer to enjoy the pumpkin patch one day then come back and do the 5 acre maze a separate day that is why the cost is separate. Try their amazing kettle corn too made fresh at the farm!


8135 S 119th St W Clearwater, Kansas 67026

Rustic Roots Events

September 26 – October 31


Monday/Wednesday: 10am-3pm Field Trips, 4-7 pm general admission
Thursday/Saturday: 10am-7 pm
Sunday: 1-7pm


Corn cannon 3 shots for $2, hay ride, hay fort with slide, tractor tire playground, climbing wall, pvc slide fort, barrel train, petting zoo, 10 acre corn maze, giant jenga, corn hole, bounce pad, jungle gym, swings, pumpkin patch & sunflowers, baby animal holding (.25 per baby) and more!

Insider Tip:

This pumpkin patch and corn field is just over one hour away in Lamont, OK. It makes the perfect day trip, and we suggest you make a stop at the Pioneer Woman Frontier while you are at it!


105340 Greer Rd.  Lamont OK, 74643

Pumpkin Patches and Fall Farms

10007 SW Indianola Rd, Augusta, KS 67010, USA
Whether you are looking for a traditional go out and find your own special pumpkin among the vine...
6100 N 119th St W, Maize, Kansas 67101, USA
At Cedar Creek Farm and Pumpkin Patch we offer a wholesome family environment, where families can...
1600 E US HWY 54, Andover, KS 67002
We have tons of activities for all ages plus craft fairs, great pumpkin & gourd selection and...
11249 SW 160th St, Rose Hill, KS 67133, USA
Meadowlark Farm grows pick your own apples, peaches and pumpkins through the summer and fall. We ...
3750 S. Dusty Rd Derby, KS 67037
Mr. Gourdman’s a one of a kind patch isolated away from traffic in a natural setting on a 1...
10001 NW US Highway 77, Burns, KS 66840
Our farm is a great tradition for families to enjoy. General admission includes most attractions ...
Showing 8 results


For more fall farm fun, be sure to check out Apple and Peach Picking Farms too!

Where to Go Apple & Peach Picking in Wichita

Some of our favorite fall family bucket list activities are peach and apple picking in Wichita (and the surrounding areas)! We’ve compiled a list of You-Pick orchards in Wichita (and a few that offer pre-picked produce) for fruit lovers of all ages. Depending on the season, you can grab a bushel and a peck of apples, peaches, or pears!

Be sure to call before you make the drive to one of these orchards – COVID-19 has changed how many of them operate and what is available this season.

Apple and Peach Picking in Wichita

7620 S. Anderson Road, Newton KS
Pre-picked peaches and blackberries are available, as well as other seasonal vegetables. Please c...
This family-owned orchard dates back to the 1800s and also boasts an antique market! Call or chec...
11249 SW 160th St., Rose Hill KS
Depending on the time of year, you can pick peaches or apples, as well as purchase other produce ...
12249 N.W. Meadowlark Road, Whitewater KS
Call ahead for hours and availability. Pears, peaches, and apples!
1345 W. 90th Ave. North, Conway Springs KS
Guests can choose to pick their own or purchase pre-picked peaches and apples in season. Please c...
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Guide to Birthday Parties in Wichita

We love a good celebration - whether it's a birthday party, bridal or baby shower, a rehearsal or anniversary party - and we are...

Pumpkin Patches in Wichita