4 Fun Fall Crafts for Kids That Mom Will Love Too!

Crafting is my jam. At least it was. Add two kids, newly SAHM, trying to keep the house picked up, meals cooked, kids happy, and my sanity, crafting fell by the wayside.

One of my favorite activities when I taught 2nd grade were “craftivities,” one part academic (writing, science experiment, geography, etc), one part craft.

In my own home, I love to add a personal touch with seasonal décor I’ve made myself. My oldest is now three, and it is exciting to watch his creativity shine through when we craft together.

When I was thinking about fall crafts, I made myself a few rules:

  1. Simple
  2. Kid-friendly, but something that adults would enjoy too
  3. Use materials I already have (I only had to buy two items!)

I created (with the help of my three year old) four fall crafts you and your littles will love to make!

Fall Mason Jars

Mommy: Halloween Mason Jars

These festive mason jars are perfect to “spook up” any part of your house. Add votive candles to make a creepy and cute entry in you foyer. Use them to store bathroom essentials (cotton balls, Q-Tips, bath salts) for guests. Add them to your fall mantle to add a Halloween element to your autumn decor.


  • Mason jars
  • Spray paint (orange and black)
  • Rolled medical tape-I got the self-adhesive kind (I did have to purchase this. I’m a #boymom and we ran out.)
  • Electrical tape


  • Spray Paint Jars and let dry (Pumpkin and Frankenstein)
  • Pumpkin: Cut eyes, nose and mouth out of electrical tape. Hot glue on a wine cork (enjoy the wine first, or while you’re crafting!) and green pipe cleaner. I cut the cork in half.
  • Mummy: Wrap medical tape around the jar. Glue on google eyes.
  • Frankenstein: Glue on googly eyes. Cut hair, nose, and mouth out of electrical tape.

Me: Fall Tree Luminaries

My son (and I!) loved making these luminaries. This was great for fine motor skills (cutting/tearing) as well as introduction to a new sensory material (Modge Podge is gooey and sticky!). 



  • Mason Jar
  • Modge Podge
  • Foam brush
  • Fall tissue paper (Ok, I did have to go out and buy festive-colored tissue paper)
  • Brown construction paper


  • Cut or tear tissue paper into small pieces
  • Paint on Modge Podge in small sections of the jar
  • Overlay tissue paper onto the jar
  • Once covered with tissue paper, add a tree (or other fall image) using the construction paper
  • Modge Podge over entire jar

*Tip-keep a wet washcloth close by to wipe your little one’s hands while they use the Modge Podge!*

Q-Tip Trees

Mommy and Me:  

Technically this is the same craft for Mom and child, but I loved how these turned out! You can use the Q-Tips individually, or bundle them together to make a large bunch of leaves.


  • Paint
  • Q-Tips
  • Tree outline (draw your own or find a template online)


  • Dip the Q-Tip (or bundled Q-Tips) into paint
  • Dot to make leaves on the tree


Mommy: I love how versatile these silhouettes are! With just a little scrapbook paper you can totally transform this printed-out silhouette into spooky-sophisticated décor.


  • Silhouette (I just Googled Halloween images, printed, and cut them out)
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Frame


  • Print and cut out silhouette
  • Glue or tape to scrapbook paper
  • Frame and display!

Me: A little paint and paper plate make a fun and festive night-time scene.


  • Silhouette
  • Paper plate
  • Paint (yellow and orange)


  • Paint in a circular motion and let dry
  • Glue on silhouette

 Apple Stamping

Mommy: Create a cute fall banner using the same painted apples as your child!


  • Apple, cut in half (I took out the seeds to ‘open’ up the space)
  • Red and green paint (gold would be fab too!)
  • Banner- from a craft store or use paper to make your own
  • String/ribbon



  • Pour paint onto paper plate
  • Press apple into paint (make sure you use a good amount of paint)
  • Stamp and press firmly onto the banner
  • If needed, go back with small brush to fill in
  • Attach the string or ribbon to hang                                              

Me: Apple Basket and Halloween Faces

With a simple change of paint color, your child’s art can easily go from a basket of apples to a Jack-O-Lantern collage!


  • Apple, cut in half
  • Paint (red/green for apples, orange for pumpkin)
  • Construction paper for basket
  • Sharpie or electrical tape for Jack-O-Lantern faces


  • Pour paint onto paper plate
  • Press apple into paint (make sure you use a good amount of paint)
  • Stamp and press firmly onto the paper
  • If needed, go back with small brush to fill in
  • Apple basket: Basket-weave construction paper to look like you’ve come straight from the orchard!
  • Jack-O-Lantern: Add spooky or silly faces with marker or construction paper

I hope you and your little ones enjoy creating these fall crafts together!

Anne and her husband, Ryan, live in East Wichita with their two boys, born in 2014 and 2016, and their dog, Lola. She taught second grade for six years before deciding to stay home with her boys. Anne is involved with her church and an active member of Junior League of Wichita. A transplant from Kansas City, Anne enjoys exploring Wichita with her family, finding fun and different activities to keep her toddler engaged. She is continually on the lookout for new restaurants to try and is always up for a glass of wine with girlfriends!