5 More Non-Scary Halloween Movies for Kids


There are so many movies that revolve around Halloween. We started your list with these movies but here are 5 more fun movies to creep into the holiday season and enjoy with your family.

Addams Family: Uncle Fester shows up mysteriously to the joy of Gomez. The rest of the family however doesn’t know if he’s an impostor or the real thing. After hijinks within the house and with the characters, they learn who the mystery man is and if he fits in their lives. Watch this one before seeing the new animated movie coming out October 11th. (Rated PG-13)

Halloweentown: A Disney original movie from my youth! Marnie and her siblings sneak after their grandmother to Halloweentown. While they are there they learn a mysterious demon is magically making townspeople disappear. Marnie and her family have to save Halloweentown from the demon and get back to the mortal world safely. (Rated TV-G)

Casper: Kat and her father move in to a haunted mansion by a greedy heiress. While trying to rid the house of the spirits Kat meets Casper “face to face” and they become friends. Casper isn’t the only spirit living in the house though, his uncles also haunt the house and they do everything they can to drive all the humans away. (Rated PG)

Monster House: DJ and his friend Chowder are playing basketball on Halloween Eve when their ball falls on the lawn of the neighborhood angry, old, Mr. Nebbercracker. When trying to retrieve the ball they learn the house is an actual monster. They try to convince the babysitter and police, but when all else fails they take matters into their own hands to release the secret. (Rated PG)

Haunted Mansion: Workaholic Jim takes his family on a vacation, only to take a side trip to try to sell a house. It turns out to be a haunted mansion and while there the family is sucked into trying to solve the mystery of why the house is cursed. (Rated PG)