You Know You’re A Wichita Mom When…


Maybe you grew up in the ICT, maybe you didn’t – but your kids call it home! Here are 15 signs you might be a Wichita mom…

1. You LOL for days when you realize Dillon’s Marketplace East actually calls itself “Gucci Dillons” – we thought it was our own private joke!You Know You're A Wichita Mom When... | Wichita Moms Blog

2. You are an #EastSider or a #WestSider – passionately. And driving “all the way across town” feels like such an inconvenience…even though it only takes 20 minutes.

3. You’ve gone troll hunting – and were successful!

Wichita Troll

4. Your kids know what a “Shocker” is and have your permission to #PlayAngry.

You Know You're A Wichita Mom When | Wichita Moms Blog Shocker #PlayAngry

5. You drive past fields and cattle on your way to the doctor/preschool/grocery store.

6. You keep your snow gear on hand in April and your flip flops nearby in November.

7. You’ve tried to explain the Joyland roller coaster to your kids – and how the real fear factor was not knowing if it would collapse during your ride. And the Wacky Shack? Don’t even try. They’ll never understand.

8. Every summer you have to explain to your kids why they cannot swim in the Ar-Kansas River.

9. Your 3-year-old is completely unphased by the “Tomato Sirens” she hears every Monday at noon – but your new neighbor from California is in the bathtub with a mattress.

10. The Donut Wars are real – and you’ve chosen a side.

Wichita Donuts

11. Your kids think all sculptures are for playing on…and with.

Wichita Sculptures12. You head to The Big Hill (in College Hill) as soon as the snow accumulates enough to warrant breaking out the sleds!

13. Your kids think Rusty Eck for is an amusement park – not a car dealership.

14. You can’t decide whether you’re sad or relieved that the Riverside Park Rocket Slide is out of commission.

15. You’ve had it up to HERE with the Wizard of Oz jokes, but you can’t deny that Dorothy says it best…

no place like wichita



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  1. What a fun article! I asked my Wichita native husband about the troll on Central and he never knew about it. Now we will set out on an excursion with our 6 and 4 year olds to find him.

    Yes, the donut war is real!

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