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Wichita children's photographer

Thank you to Alison Moore Photography for sponsoring this series and for choosing us to debut her new signature sessions, The Beauty of Motherhood

Alison Moore Photography limits her time and talent to a select number of families each year to preserve the authenticity and intimacy of each session. Connect here to learn more about availability and capturing these fleeting moments of motherhood that are so precious and sacred, photos destined to become family heirlooms, snapshots of unconditional love, pride, and joy.

Wichita children's photographerWichita children's photographer
Motherhood. This messy, beautiful, hard, overwhelming, stressful, amazing journey we are on.  The mere idea that we are entrusted with growing a life and then shaping that life is just mind-blowing. I look at my children on a daily basis and think you were inside of me.  It’s an undeniable connection that I feel so blessed to experience.
Wichita children's photographerWichita children's photographer
That’s not to say the road has been easy. All mothers go through hardships. We all struggle. We all wonder am I doing the right thing?  And I would venture to say that the very fact that we are asking the question is enough to say YES. Yes, you are. Are you perfect? No. No mother is. But goodness, you are giving it your best shot and really that’s all anyone can ask for. Your best effort.

Growing up, my mother would say the phrase “You can do better”…a lot. It was annoying at the time. You know, because what teenage girl wants to be told she can “do better” at anything? Certainly not this one. But despite my teenage angst and protests otherwise, she never let down her expectations.  She knew I could do better…and she was not going to let me get away with any less.
Wichita children's photographerWichita children's photographerWichita children's photographerWichita children's photographerWichita children's photographerWichita children's photographer
I try to parent my own children with those same high expectations because as I’ve grown and become a mother I have come to understand the real message behind her signature phrase. When she said “You can do better” she really meant “You can do better than you think.” That push towards confidence is one of the most poignant lessons she ever taught me, and I hope that in some way I can instill that same meaning in my own son and daughter.
Wichita children's photographerWichita children's photographer
So now on days when I feel less than or overwhelmed or fill-in-the-blank, I think of her expectations and stand up a little straighter. Because, she was right. I can do better.
Wichita children's photographerWichita children's photographer
I just have to believe in myself…the way she did.
Wichita children's photographer

Watching mamas with their babies always takes my breath away.  A mother has never looked more beautiful than when she smiles at her child.  Her entire face lights up, her entire being glows with a love that only a mother can know.  It happens in each of my shoots, and yet it always feels like I just witnessed it for the first time.

Scheduling a session with me strips away all of the noise of everyday life and gives you the opportunity to connect with your children with ease in a way that feels natural and allows you to make time stand still.

These photos simultaneously show a mother she is beautiful in the eyes of her family, and show her children how precious they are to her, how completely adored and loved they are by her.  They are a gift to be treasured for years and years to come.  A reminder during these long days and short years…mamas, you are enough.  You are beautiful in the way you love and are loved.

I can’t wait to meet and document the beautiful way you mother.

Lindsey is thrilled to be back home in Kansas. She grew up across from a cornfield in a little town just North of Wichita, met her husband in High School and their young love carried them through college. The two married after graduation & began the adventure of Medical School, Residency, and Fellowship that took them to 3 states (um, 7 moves!) in 10 years. During that time, Lindsey taught first grade until she had the first of two children and began her role as a stay-at-home mama. Recently, she turned her love of fashion & design into a consulting business. Lindsey credits her role as owner of Huck & Leni Personal / Interior Styling as allowing her to be true to herself as a woman & as a mama. She admits the balance is sometimes tricky, but hey...that's why there's coffee, right?