The Beauty of Motherhood :: Resisting the Urge to Hustle

The Beauty of Motherhood

Thank you to Alison Moore Photography for sponsoring this series and for choosing us to debut her new signature sessions, The Beauty of Motherhood

Alison Moore Photography limits her time and talent to a select number of families each year to preserve the authenticity and intimacy of each session. Connect here to learn more about availability and capturing these fleeting moments of motherhood that are so precious and sacred, photos destined to become family heirlooms, snapshots of unconditional love, pride, and joy.

I’ve always thrived by chasing the hustle, by seeking to do and accomplish, by go-go-going.

And then I had children.

The Beauty of MotherhoodThe Beauty of MotherhoodThe Beauty of Motherhood

Now, I find myself in this constant state of wanting to do it all and wanting to do absolutely nothing. It’s a daily balance of trying to maintain (and sometimes rediscover) my personal identity, while preserving the everyday moments with my children. I am acutely aware of how quickly this stage of life is moving, and it’s these moments of nothing where I find myself most relaxed, grounded, and truly soaking in motherhood and its fleeting moments of caring for young children.

The Beauty of MotherhoodThe Beauty of MotherhoodThe Beauty of MotherhoodThe Beauty of Motherhood

As someone who is overly sentimental (aren’t most moms?), it’s vital for me to live in the moment. The good, the bad, the ugly – I want to feel it all deeply.

Sometimes, I have to make a conscious effort to take a step back from the chaos of the day to day and breathe it all in. It’s sort of like that eye-opening moment at your wedding – that split second where you realize all of the months of life-consuming planning is about to come to an abrupt end. And so you take a moment to stop everything you’re doing, take a look around you, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The Beauty of MotherhoodThe Beauty of MotherhoodThe Beauty of MotherhoodThe Beauty of MotherhoodThe Beauty of Motherhood

Motherhood is the same for me. Though I thrive in a constant state of movement, I feel the most complete, the most beautiful, in these small moments of doing nothing. On the rare occasion that the calendar is clear and there is nowhere to be, those are the days I want my daughters to remember.

The Beauty of MotherhoodThe Beauty of Motherhood

The reality, of course, is that between preschool picks ups and drop offs, dance and music classes, working from home (translation: working all hours that I’m not sleeping), meetings, and a variety of other commitments – it is hard to sit still, let alone stop and savor the beauty of motherhood.

The Beauty of MotherhoodThe Beauty of MotherhoodThe Beauty of Motherhood

It feels unnatural to resist that urge to hustle. But when I do, the beauty of motherhood completely takes over, and I’m able to find it in the most unexpected of places.

Watching mamas with their babies always takes my breath away.  A mother has never looked more beautiful than when she smiles at her child.  Her entire face lights up, her entire being glows with a love that only a mother can know.  It happens in each of my shoots, and yet it always feels like I just witnessed it for the first time.

Scheduling a session with me strips away all of the noise of everyday life and gives you the opportunity to connect with your children with ease in a way that feels natural and allows you to make time stand still.

These photos simultaneously show a mother she is beautiful in the eyes of her family, and show her children how precious they are to her, how completely adored and loved they are by her.  They are a gift to be treasured for years and years to come.  A reminder during these long days and short years…mamas, you are enough.  You are beautiful in the way you love and are loved.

I can’t wait to meet and document the beautiful way you mother.

Angela is the founder of Wichita Mom, the premier parenting website and community for local moms. Wife to her high school bestie, mom to two girls, and native Wichitan, she is thrilled to be raising her family in her hometown after telling her family for years she "would never move back". She is a strong advocate for mental health, believes in the power of community, and walks the talk of "babes supporting babes". She is a self-proclaimed connector, enthusiast of many things, cheerleader of moms and women, and recently converted homebody.