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Guide to Preschools and Schools in Wichita

Wichita Preschools & Schools  We are often asked for the best Wichita preschools and school options in Wichita and surrounding areas. There are a variety...

Five Steps to Prepare Your Young Learner for Kindergarten

Every year, I look forward to two big events: Kindergarten round-up in the spring and the first day of school in the fall. I...

Choosing Public Schools

We have exhausted the "research" phase and now have to make a decision. This year our daughters will enter Kindergarten and 1st grade, and...

In Defense of “Bad” Schools

I don't care what your friend's neighbor's sister-in-law told you about my child's school. I don't care that everyone who's anyone is moving out...

Guide to Preschools and Schools in Wichita

Some of the most common questions we receive include recommendations for preschool and school options in the Wichita area. The WMB Team's kids are...

Guide to an A+ Parent-Teacher Conference

As a parent, you are your child’s first educator. When your child enters the classroom, you are entrusting their well being with a teacher...