Lauren Davis

Lauren and her husband Dan live in El Dorado with their two boys (born 2011 and 2014). They have added a goldendoodle, a hedgehog and two cats to their family in recent years and are expecting a daughter to join their crew at the end of 2020! She is an elementary school secretary, a member of the Junior League of Wichita and the Tri-County CASA Board of Directors. Lauren spent much of her childhood in Lawrence, Kansas and moved to El Dorado about ten years ago after her husband graduated from pharmacy school. She gets by on a lot of coffee and loves all the messy, fun, wild and wonderful parts of being a mom.
picky eating

Why I Don’t Ask My Son To Make A “Happy Plate”

  My husband and I have been battling my son’s picky eating habits for the the past three years. As a new mom nearly 4 years ago, I faced many of the same fears that...

What I Learned On My First Solo Flight With A Baby

I had been prepping for this moment for months. I had researched every single scenario about air travel before flying solo with my 9-month-old son. I had a copy of my son's birth certificate,...

Break the Spell :: 3 Tips to Cast Out Witching Hour

You spend a pleasant day with your kids visiting the pumpkin patch, enjoying a picnic lunch, and stopping on the way home for a frozen yogurt. It has been free from tantrums, whining, and potty...

Embracing My Child’s Cautious Temperament

My 3-year-old has never been what you would call a social butterfly. While Wyatt is sweet, caring, and intelligent, I often find myself becoming frustrated with his cautious ways. My husband and I joke...

Mom Moments That Put Fear Into Your Heart

It's the heart-stopping reaction you get when you see your baby reaching for the BBQ chip that has been lying in a pile of dust bunnies for 2 weeks, or the sheer terror of...

Making Connections With Your Kids

I read an article somewhere recently about the importance of giving your child 10 minutes of undivided attention each day. My first thought was that 10 minutes does't seem like much! I'm at home...

Conquering Your Cranky

There are days when a fussy baby or a whiny toddler can cause even the most patient mother lose her cool. Maybe you woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day,...

Running On Mom Time

Since becoming a mom to my two little guys (a preschooler and 6-month-old), I seem to have a chronic tardiness problem. I mean we are late pretty much wherever we go. My husband mentioned...

Small Town Spotlight :: Free Ways To Explore El Dorado With Your Kids

This post is part of our Small Town Spotlight Series. Read more posts from this series… One of the wonderful yet frustrating aspects of dealing with small children is their unpredictability. Sometimes it’s fun wondering what...

To The Pregnant Mama With A Toddler

Recently, I was talking to a friend (who also has two boys) about the fears I had when I was pregnant with my younger son. We agreed that while in many ways, we both...

The Truth About Traveling With Small Children

I have a confession to make. Before I was a parent, I would see moms and dads traveling with little ones and I would silently judge them. I would see frazzled parents at the...