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Worlds of Fun with KidsThank you to Worlds of Fun for sponsoring this article and for providing fun for families, local and beyond!

Why Visiting Worlds of Fun with Kids is a Must This Summer

My husband and I hadn’t been to Worlds of Fun since before children, and before that, as children ourselves. The moment we stepped into the park, my senses immediately made me nostalgic (isn’t there something about the smell of funnel cake that simply takes you back to childhood)? Worlds of Fun with Kids is magical!

We visited the Worlds of Fun amusement park on a Sunday and arrived about 30 minutes before the park opened and stayed until the park closed. Worlds of Fun is the largest amusement park complex in the midwest and is a must-visit for Wichita families this summer!

Worlds of Fun is a quick drive from Wichita. 

It took us just under three hours to get to the amusement park. We stayed at a nearby hotel, but you could easily make it a day trip. 

The excitement is palpable. 

Living vicariously through our children is one of parenthood’s greatest gifts. The excitement and anticipation lasted throughout the entire day. It was a true childhood experience and so fun to live at that level of excitement through them. 

Worlds of Fun with KidsThere is something for all ages and “thrill levels”. 

Worlds of Fun with kids is next level! Our daughters are ages 8 and 6, and we felt they were the perfect ages for an amusement park. But we realized after we arrived, there truly is something for everyone! Our 6 year old preferred the milder rides, and she also preferred the gift shops, character shows, and Planet Snoopy to get her warmed up to rides in general. While our 8 year old wanted to ride every roller coaster and anything that leaped, turned, and went really fast.

The rides.

This one seems obvious, but of course we loved the rides! After accidentally taking my youngest daughter on a level 5 ride (considered the highest ranking and most “aggressive thrill”), we quickly realized that our handy map showed us rider height requirements and the ride rating systems. I recommend checking that out before you ride. Worlds of Fun with Kids

But there was such a great variety of rides, something for the thrill seeker – my oldest daughter loved the MAMBA® – where my youngest preferred the moderate thrill rides, anything ranked 3 and below. The Scrambler was our family’s favorite, the ultimate classic crowd pleaser!

More than rides.

This was the first time we’ve ever stayed at an attraction from open to close. There was so much to see and do! And for those guests who may be looking for more than rides, we loved the character shows and exploring the details throughout the park (animal-shaped bushes, themed rest spots, etc.), and there were plenty of snack and meal stops for all taste buds, gift shops, face painting, caricatures, carnival games, and boutiques. 

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Best Family Hacks:

Below are a few tidbits to make Worlds of Fun with kids run more smoothly! 

Arrive Early: This is our general rule just about everywhere we travel. We made sure to arrive at the Worlds of Fun gate 30 minutes early, and we think it paid off! We were able to find a parking spot very easily, and we were able to ride the rides before more people arrived in the day.

Go to the most popular ride first. This was my husband’s tip, and it turned out to be a great one! He and our 8 year old really wanted to ride The Patriot roller coaster, and they barely had a line because they went straight there!

Fast Lane Tickets: If you have older kids or a family who really is interested in the roller coasters and the more popular rides, then the Worlds of Fun Fast Lane Ticket is worth it. It’s pricey, but it does get you to the front of the line more quickly! 

Drink All Day Pass: Get free refills (including water, Powerade, flavored water, and Coca-Cola products) throughout the entire day with the refill drink program (and a take-home souvenir cup).

Get in line for food before you are hungry. Especially with the younger ones, be sure to get in line for a meal before nap time or meltdown time. Be prepared to wait a bit in the food lines. They do go quickly, but as long as you know in advance to possibly expect food lines. 

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