7 Favorite Gift Ideas for the Dad Who Has Everything


What is it about Father’s Day gifts that are so hard? I tend to freeze when it comes time to get gifts for my husband. He’s a guy who doesn’t need much. Anything he wants or needs, he purchases himself. But there have certainly been some gifts over the years that he loves to this day (many of which contribute to the whole family, which is a bonus). So I thought it would be helpful to share some of his favorite gifts…and some of the items that would have made great gifts but he beat me to it!

Most of the suggested items are for really special occasions as they are on the pricier side, but you can get great sales during Memorial Day Weekend (if you are looking for Father’s Day). 

7 Favorite Gift Ideas for the Dad Who Has Everything

All gift suggestions in this resource are products that I have personally purchased and love or plan to purchase soon. Some of the links in our resource guides are affiliate links which means we may earn an affiliate commission. 

Traeger Grill

I surprised my husband with a Traeger, the original wood pellet grill, for Christmas this year. It really has been the gift that keeps on giving, and our family has reaped the benefit x 10. His love language for friends and family is now officially smoked meat, and he would likely say it’s the best gift he’s ever received. (Because he never would have bought one for himself. If you own one, you know. This is the one I bought my husband. I also paired it with seasonings from locally owned Spicy Js!


This was something unique that we bought for my father-in-law one year. It was so fun that my husband also had to have it! It’s a streaming platform of classes taught by the best in the industry, think Simone Biles teaching gymnastic skills, Stephan Curry teaching basketball, Natalie Portman teaching acting, etc. Masterclass is a really fun, unique gift idea.

Fathers Day Gift

Solo Stove 

Another gift that keeps on giving – the Solo Stove. I receive so many questions about our portable “fire pit” that we use in our driveway with neighbors or our backyard patio for s’mores. We have even taken it camping! We have the Bonfire and use it almost every night in the summer and fall. And you can catch really great sales, especially leading up to Father’s Day (Memorial Day Weekend). 

Sonos Speakers 

I never knew so many conversations would revolve around speakers in our home. But we have a sonos portable speakers in my office, in our living room, and a few for moving around. They are great for moving to the back or front yard, and I’ve had my eye on the roam – it’s waterproof and perfect for the pool!

Local Brewery Growler/Gift Card

This is always a go-to with almost every holiday. We love filling up growlers from White Crow Cider and Hopping Gnome. Here is a list of local breweries we love! 

On the Wishlist:

Patio Heater

I am going to purchase one of these this year. We love being out on our patio, but I don’t love being cold. Home Depot has a Veteran’s discount, and I have my eye on this heater or this heater. If you have suggestions, I would also love to hear your preference in the comments below!

Ooni Portable Pizza Oven

Have you heard of the Ooni? We’ve had homemade pizza nights with friends who have the Ooni, and now we can’t get it out of our heads. They are pricey and also shipping 3-5 weeks out because they are so in demand. The pizza is absolutely delicious and such a fun family activity. Here is the Ooni I have my eye on. Would love your recommendations as well if you have one!

What are your go-to gifts for the special guys in your life?



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