Free Wichita Splash Parks and Fountains for Kids | Summer 2021


Wichita Splash Parks and Splash Pads

5 Reasons to Visit Wichita Splash Parks and Splash Pads This Summer:

1. The price.  You can’t beat free!

2. Safety. Wichita splash parks are ideal for moms like me who are out-numbered by non-swimmers which make pool trips tough. {Any other moms out there think they need an extra pair of arms?} Once your kiddos are sitting solidly they can get in on the fun. If you have a child who is hesitant getting their face wet, splash parks are a great, fun way for them to ease into that too.

3. The schedule.  Unlike pools which have a shorter season, most splash pads will start operating mid-May and run through September. We all know that it can be scorching beyond Labor Day, so a splash park is a welcome opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, but still stay cool.

4. Flexibility.  Wichita splash parks also have longer hours than most area outdoor pools which means you can fit in water fun before lunch without sacrificing the afternoon nap.  Or go for after dinner fun on those long summer nights.  Wichita Parks & Recreation water features operate from 10 a.m.- 8 p.m.; other hours are noted below.

5. Variety.  Every splash park has something different to offer.  Do you want a standard synchronized geyser splash pad? Head to Riverside or New Market Square. Looking for more activities like water cannons and dumping buckets?  Try Osage or Fairmount. Check out our list below for the NEW splash pads opening this summer, too!

Grab the suits, sunscreen, flip flops & towels – you’re ready to go!

6 New Wichita Water Playgrounds Opening Summer 2021 (+ Pool Renovations)

North Wichita

  • Central Riverside Park – 720 Nims
  • Evergreen (North) | 2700 N Woodland *NEW*

South Wichita

  • Lincoln Park – 1323 South Topeka
  • Osage Park – 2121 West 31st Street South
  • Oaklawn Community Center Park- 2937 E. Oaklawn Dr.
  • Boston (Southeast) | 6655 E Zimmerly *NEW*
  • Linwood (South) | 1901 S Kansas *NEW*

East Wichita

  • Fairmount Park – 1647 North Yale (Park is off of 16th Street)
  • Edgemoor (East) | 5815 E. 9th, 67208 *NEW*

West Wichita

  • New Market Square Plaza – 21st Street North & Maize Road (10am-9pm)
  • Buffalo Park – 10201 Hardtner

Downtown Wichita

  • Old Town Square – 334 North Mead (10am-10pm)

Surrounding Areas

More Things To Do In & Around Wichita This Summer


  1. Do you happen to know if which of these splash pads are flow through or recirculating? I keep trying to find out and the info isn’t readily available.

    • Hi there – Sorry, we don’t have that information. You might contact Wichita Parks and Rec. They control most of the Wichita splash parks.

  2. love splash parks for my grand-kids !!!!!! Just don’t drink the water is what i tell them……LOL

  3. Where is that splash pad in the picture?? Or where can I find one like it with slides?

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