7 Unexpected Spots to Watch Wichita Sunsets


Sunsets are one of the most quintessential things about summer. Whether you’re drinking a hard lemonade on the backyard deck listening to cicadas (love that sound!) — or taking an evening stroll through the neighborhood, summer sunsets are where it’s at.

But where else can you watch? Leave your house, your neighborhood and check out one of these seven stellar views. Throw bedtime out the window and bring the kids, or make it a date night.

  1. Old Town Square (301 N Mead St): Venture up to the top of the parking garage in Old Town Square. This will give you an amazing view of the downtown Wichita skyline. Sit on top of your car to make it even more fun.
  2. 13th and McLean: Go to the southeast corner on the bridge. It’s just on the river and makes for a beautiful view. Water + sun = bliss. There is a sidewalk on the bridge itself as well as a path under the bridge.
  3. 13th and Greenwich: There’s an open field to the west of Chapel Hill Church. No buildings blocking the view and sometimes there are even hay bales there that you can hop on top of to watch the sunset. (Wear pants, though, otherwise, you’ll itch like crazy!)
  4. Sedgwick County Park (6501 W 21st St N): This is a favorite spot for running, playing and simply hanging. Take an evening walk or run here and be sure to stop at the top of the running hill for a simply stunning sunset.
  5. College Hill Park (304 Circle Drive): With a few rolling hills and sky-high trees, this park is beautiful all on its own, but when you throw in a little sunset…it’s got Instagram written all over it #nofilter. Sit on the stone bridge in the middle of the park for the best view.image
  6. “Airport Road” (SW Indianola and 110th Street – Andover): This one is off the beaten path, which makes it a fun excursion! Nothing but wide open spaces, dirt roads and endless sky (oh, and a few cows). There’s no traffic, so you can just sit back and enjoy the view. The Augusta Municipal Airport is just down the road, hence the nickname.
  7. Stearman Field (14789 SW 30th St – Benton): This is the perfect summer evening for the family! Go eat at Stearman Field at the Benton Airport and experience planes taking off (so cool!) AND a breathtaking summer sunset. If you have little ones, they ALSO have a playground just off of the outdoor dining area. Perfect, right? Some of my favorite family memories are here.image