25+ Non-Toy Experience Gift Ideas for Wichita Kids

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In a world full of stuff, non-toy experience gifts are the best! 

How many times has a child begged for a toy, played with it for one or two days, and then it’s long forgotten and discovered under the couch months later. 

Of course toys are fun for gift-giving, but we are big fans of giving experience gifts too. Experience gifts can help create a more well rounded child and aid in discovering where children’s interests and talents lie. And most importantly, they create memories, which help families grow together. Memories simply cannot be outgrown, purchased, or donated.

Here are some of our favorite experience gift ideas for Wichita kids:

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What would you add to this experience gifts list?

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  1. I have also seen children work with their parents on their birthday to make a donation to a homeless shelter or lunch program for needy kids or animals. They ask friends to bring useful items instead of birthday presents to their parties. It gets them in the spirit of volunteering and thinking of others AND has the added bonus of making them feel good.


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