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We are often asked for the best Wichita preschools and schools in Wichita and surrounding areas. There are a variety of education options in the Wichita area including a good mix of public, private, virtual, and homeschool. We hope to serve as a starting point of your research with a guide to some of the education options, including preschools and public and private schools, Wichita has to offer! 

Included in this guide is early childhood through high school options, early intervention and special education tips, homeschool resources, kids day out programs, after-school activities – along with schools we have partnered with for features with extra details and highlights.

Please let us know if we’re missing any Wichita preschools or schools from the comprehensive section (you can comment below!). And if you are a private school that would like information on being featured – please email:

Christ the Savior Academy

School Guide 2023 CSA

Type of school: Pre-K through 8th Grade
Location: 7515 E. 13th Street//East 

Christ the Savior Academy, a classical, Christian grammar school (pre-k – 8th grade), combines the best of secular culture with the wisdom of the Church to teach a student to read well, write well, think well, and live well. The classical approach is a time-tested model used by schools such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Eton to produce leaders for centuries.

Wichita Collegiate School

2023 School Collegiate

Type of school: Early Childhood through 12th Grade
Location: 9115 E. 13th Street, Wichita, KS 67206

Wichita Collegiate School exists to inspire all students to be the best versions of themselves through a transformative education grounded in academic excellence within our inclusive community. We empower all students to lead lives of impact by partnering with our students, faculty, families, and community.

Trinity Academy

2024 school trinity

Type of school: K-12
Location: 12345 E. 21st St N//East

Trinity Academy is a rigorous K-12 school where our affection for Jesus and one another inspires lifelong faith. The school provides meaningful community for both parents and students and offers a full range of athletic programs, award-winning fine arts, and excellent academics.

Contact Audra Sanchez, admissions director, at 316-634-0909 to arrange a private tour. In addition, students in grades 2 – 12 are welcome to shadow. Students can meet the teachers, interact with the student body, and experience a day in the life as a Trinity Knight!

Honey Tree and Branches Academy

2024 school honeytree

Type of school: Preschool and K-8th grade
Location: 12725 W 21st N//West

Honey Tree and Branches Academy is a leader in private school education in the West Wichita and Maize area. They are a small, preparatory school with high quality educational programs for Toddlers, Preschool, Prekindergarten, and Kindergarten through Grade 8. The heart of their mission is to provide the highest quality differentiated education possible, and to Grow Students Socially, Academically, Physically, and Emotionally. They foster individual relationships in a safe secure environment that promotes structured choices, responsibility, and respect. Their program encourages each child’s growth and development by integrating differentiated learning experiences appropriate to the diverse developmental levels of their students to meet their individual needs, preparing them to be leaders of character. Schedule a tour and come see just how amazing they are!

Phillips Fundamental Learning Center

2024 School Fundamental Learning

Type of School: A private school for children with dyslexia ages 5-10; a Teacher Literacy Institute for homeschoolers, early educators, reading specialists and tutors
Location: 14533 E Sharon Lane//East

Phillips Fundamental Learning Center is the premier non-profit organization in Kansas for the assessment, identification, and specialized literacy instruction which serves children having reading, writing, and spelling difficulties, including children with dyslexia. They house a full-day school program for children ages 5-10 who are dyslexic (Rolph Literacy Academy), as well as adult education literacy programs, focused on dyslexia and the Science of Reading (Andeel Teacher Literacy Institute). Their adult courses and classes, as well as school-based programs for children meet the Kansas Legislative Task Force on Dyslexia’s recommendations for children and teachers alike. Their mission specifically addresses the importance of teaching all children to read, write and spell, especially those with dyslexia, using structured literacy approaches and curricula.

To help you get started, review their curriculum for ages 5-7 and begin to help your child who may be struggling to learn to read. Contact them now for help.

The Independent School

2023 School Independent

Type of school: Preschool-12th
Location: 8317 East Douglas//East

The Independent School, a preschool-12 college preparatory institution, stands as an academic beacon, fostering a dynamic and inclusive learning environment. Renowned for our commitment to individualized education, we prioritize cultivating critical thinking, creativity, and character development. With a diverse curriculum that integrates traditional subjects with cutting-edge technology and experiential learning, students embark on a journey of intellectual exploration. The faculty comprises dedicated educators who inspire a love for learning, encouraging students to question, collaborate, and innovate. Emphasizing values of respect and responsibility, The Independent School nurtures well-rounded individuals prepared to navigate a rapidly evolving world with confidence and adaptability, laying a solid foundation for college success.

St. Boniface Academy

School Guide 2024 St Boniface

Type of school: K-12, 3 days a week
Location: 15200 E. Central//East

The mission at Saint Boniface Academy is to partner with families to disciple in biblical truth, to instruct through liberal arts, and to train for courageous living. 3-day school week with a Monday home day and optional Friday Co-op for enrichment classes, allowing parents to be actively involved in their child’s education. K-12th education that does not relegate a child of a certain age to a specific grade but rather assesses students to place them in their appropriate learning level for each course.
Small class-sizes that challenge strong students and support struggling learners with a nurturing, dedicated faculty.

Central Christian Academy

2023 School CCA

Type of School: Preschool – 12th
Location: 2900 N. Rock Road//East

For over four decades, Central Christian Academy has been providing students in the Wichita and surrounding area a well-rounded and innovative Christian education. Our strong academic program, which is taught from a biblical worldview, meets the needs of a wide range of learners. We offer a variety of extracurricular activities through athletic programs, fine arts, and electives. CCA’s mission is to partner with the Christian home and local church, equipping students to have devoted hearts, renewed minds, and courageous souls. 

Contact Jayme Davis (Director of Advancement) or Paige Floyd (Preschool Director) at 316-688-1161 for more information about private tours or upcoming events.

Wichita Public Schools

2023 School 259

Type of School: Eligible Preschool – 12th
Location: 90 schools across Wichita

Wichita Public Schools is the state’s largest school district, serving approximately 47,000 students. Their mission is to prepare all students to achieve college, career and life readiness through an innovative and rigorous educational experience. Their magnet, virtual, alternative and neighborhood schools offer families many opportunities to find the best fit.

*Open House/Tour Information:
Magnet school site visits are available January 22-26, 2024, by calling schools directly to schedule. To learn more about other schools and opportunities to visit, call 316-973-4412.

Wichita Montessori Schools

School Guide 2023 Montessori

Type of School: Preschool – 5th
Location:8311 E Douglas Ave.//East

Wichita Montessori School provides a superior educational experience for children from the age of 3 to 5th grade, utilizing the highly respected Montessori methods of teaching and learning. It is their goal to address the intellectual, emotional, physical, and social growth of each child entrusted to their care. WMS seeks diversity in its enrollment, in the belief that a child benefits from interacting with children of various talents and backgrounds. Since 1985, WMS has been growing lifelong learners. Come for a visit and see what sets them apart! Call today to schedule your private tour.

Concordia Academy

2024 school concordia

Type of School: 9 – 12th
Location: 909 S. Market St.//Downtown

Concordia Academy-Wichita is Kansas’ only Lutheran High School, a recognized service organization of the Kansas District Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. Concordia is committed to classical education, connected to Western tradition and the liberal arts. Students will study classical as well as modern languages, read the great books, learn the history of science and work through the major branches of mathematics and physical science. Classical education aims to make students successful in any calling, while their many activities allow them to enlarge their interests. Concordia educates the mind and body and feeds the spirit. Liturgical prayer and song focuses the day on Christ.

Khan Lab School

2024 School Khan

Type of School: 4th – 9th
Location: 703 E. Douglas Ave Suite 250//East

Khan Lab School (KLS) Wichita, a non-profit school inspired by Khan Academy founder Sal Khan, implements innovative, student-centered education. Born out of Khan Lab School’s success in Silicon Valley, KLS Wichita expands outside the region, offering mixed-grade cohorts (4th-9th) at the Wichita Learning Lab. The school plans to extend to senior year as students progress through high school. KLS Wichita sees greater potential in students than society acknowledges. Embracing mastery learning, students collaborate, contribute meaningfully, and prioritize understanding over competition. They cultivate diverse interests and skills, showcasing achievements innovatively and shaping their own futures.
To hear more about the school and learning philosophy, feel free to reach out to the school director, Kyle Ellison.

Sunrise Christian Academy

School 2024 Sunrise

Type of School: Pre-K – 12th grade
Location: 75500 E 45th St N//East

Founded in 1983 by Dr. Robert Lindsted, Sunrise Christian Academy started as a grade school emphasizing academic excellence and Biblical teaching. The school may have begun with just one teacher and six students, but as the years passed by it has grown to include over 500 students on a campus spanning 18 acres! Sunrise is a college preparatory, nondenominational, K4-12 Christian school graduating 45-50 seniors each year.

Andover eCademy

School 2024 eCademy

Type of School: K-12 Virtual School
Location: 1411 N. Main Street//Andover

Andover eCademy offers the quality education provided by Andover Public Schools in a flexible environment that adapts to your family’s lifestyle. This K-12 school, open to any Kansas resident, provides virtual learning with highly qualified, state-certified teachers mixed with in-person opportunities for instruction, field trips, clubs and more. Learning coaches – often a parent – provide support to make learning a family activity. Students can learn at their own pace, when it’s convenient for them. They invite you to attend our Open House or Information Session, or schedule a tour to learn if Andover eCademy is a good fit for your family!

Type of School: Preschool-8th grade
Location: 600 N. Greenwich//East

Are you looking for an academically-challenging, yet nurturing environment for your child? Come see what Holy Cross Lutheran School has to offer! Open to Pre-K (P3, P4, P3/4, and Junior Kindergarten) through 8th grade, Holy Cross is the only school in Kansas to earn three accreditations (State of Kansas, Cognia, and NLSA). They offer cutting-edge technology, small class sizes, licensed and dedicated teachers, a family environment, and amazing specials/electives for grades K-8, including Spanish, robotics and Chess! Come see how they are “learning with a Higher Purpose!”

Classical School of Wichita

2024 school csw

Type of School: K- 12th
Location: 6355 Willowbrook//East

They aim to graduate young men and women who think clearly and listen carefully with discernment and understanding; who reason persuasively and articulate precisely; who are capable of evaluating their entire range of experience in the light of the Scriptures; and who do so with eagerness in joyful submission to God… They desire that they have a heart for the lost and the courage to seek to dissuade those who are stumbling towards destruction; and that they distinguish real religion from religion in form only; and that they possess the former, knowing and loving the Lord Jesus Christ with humility and gratitude to God.

Maize Virtual Preparatory School

School 2024 MVPS

Type of School: K- 12th
Location: 905 W. Academy Drive//Maize

The Mission — to develop each student’s love of learning. For grades K-12, they offer an exciting opportunity for students to learn in a virtual online setting, with the partnership of an experienced, committed, virtual team of Kansas Certified Teachers.

By offering the Maize by Design Program, they partner with families to develop an individualized learning plan for each student. MVPS provides superior online curriculum offerings, engaging enrichment activities, and online learning opportunities, making them a leader in Kansas Virtual Schools.

Type of School: K4-12
Location: 5920 W. Central//West

They are a faith-based, non-traditional school that focuses on the student’s needs rather than the curriculum. Students are placed in each class according to their needs instead of a traditional grade level. They operate on a four-day school week with a year-round schedule to enhance students ability to retain information. They teach to mastery, meaning students are not rushed through curriculum but are given the time they need to progress to the best of their ability. Students in high school can earn credit for outside activities, participate in dual credit classes and work on credit recovery if needed.

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  1. Offering accelerated learning programs for children ages 2 to 5 years in a structured, quality, engaging environment. Accepting Fulltime, Parttime and specialized schedules.

  2. What is the best school in Wichita for a child with auditory and visual processing disorders? Catholic preferred, but not sure the Catholic schools here really help kids with disabilities first-hand. 5th grader. Tired of the current situation. Catholic schooled, but the Catholic school ships her back and forth to a public school for her reading and math. Not sure why THEY cannot accommodate her learning needs. Looking for alternate solutions. Is there any school in Wichita that can provide a quality education with special help for a sweet, smart kid with a learning disability without disrupting her entire school experience? This really sucks for her.

    • Hi Charlene – we are so sorry to hear that your 5th grader is having a hard time. Way to go on being an advocate for your child! Not knowing the specifics of the needs of your kiddo, many of the neighborhood schools (public) provide state-funded resources and special needs assistance. I personally was a 4th grade teacher in Andover, and the resources were outstanding in my opinion. Additionally, there is the Fundamental Learning Center that might be worth a call – that would actually be my first call!

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