7 Fun Summer Reading Programs in Wichita with Great Prizes for Kids

Sponsored by The Popcorner in East & West Wichita.

Most of these summer reading programs in Wichita start in May! Check out our favorites, and get registered now.

Summer Reading Programs in Wichita

The Popcorner

The Popcorner will have book club forms available at both east and west locations beginning May 15th. Students grades K-12 are encouraged to personally read 10 books and then bring in the completed book club form to redeem their free Hot & Fresh To-Go bag from their warmers. Flavor options include Old Time Caramel, Savory Cheddar, Kettle Corn, and Gourmet Buttered.

When summer reading = free popcorn, 2023 is looking like the best summer yet!

  • East Popcorner: 11330 E Central Ave
  • West Popcorner: 2121 N Tyler Rd

Wichita Public Library

Wichita Public Library has a summer reading program for your child, from birth to grade 12, running from May 23 – Aug 1. We have participated in this program for the past 7 summers, and it has gotten better each year. You can sign up online, and download the app to track your child’s progress and earn prizes. And, just for fun, this year they’ve added a summer reading program for the grown ups too!

Andy’s Frozen Custard

Swing by any of Andy’s 3 Wichita locations (East 21st, West 21st, and College Hill), and pick up a Book Club coupon! Students in grades Pre-K-12 are invited to read a book, fill out the card, and return it for a free kids cone!

Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Programs

Kids can earn a free book by reading and keeping track of it in their printable journals.

Half Price Books

Half Price Books offers a summer reading program called Summer Reading Camp, as well as printables and reading lists. 

Pizza Hut Book It!

Book It is coming back! Join Camp Book It for their summer reading program, and then enroll in the traditional program in the fall – earn free pizza for reading!

Wichita Metro Area Libraries

Many local libraries also have their own summer reading programs: our favorites are the Andover Public Library, Derby Public Library, Goddard Public Library, Valley Center Public Library, and the El Dorado Public Library.

Even if you don’t sign up for anything formal, there are many ways to get your kids reading all summer long. You can make your own book bingo cards, and the first to get bingo wins a prize. Make a rule that there is no screen time until 20 minutes of reading have been completed. Let your kids catch YOU reading!

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Meaghan Koci
Meaghan wears many hats throughout the day: wife to husband of fifteen years, Jeremy, mom to two incredible children, Jacob and Aliza, legal assistant, foster parent, and surrogate. A Wichita native, she met her husband at K-State (Go State!) and they moved from coast (Los Angeles, CA) to coast (Manchester, NH and Groton, CT) before settling back down in Kansas. She is a big fan of her crock pots, has read more than a novel a day for the last five years, and crochets in her “spare” time.


  1. We’ve enjoyed Park City Public Library’s summer reading program. They have weekly entertainment, storytime with crafts, weekly movies with snacks, and other in-library activities.


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