5 Amazon Finds for a Fun Summer With Your New Baby


Summer is always my favorite time of year: long days, time outdoors, and lots of sunshine!  We will be spending this summer with our new baby, and I know we can still have fun but I need a few extra things for our little one to make our days outside enjoyable (and safe!) for us all.  I’ve put together a list of Amazon finds that will come in handy as we head into summer!

Freezable Cooler

Any mama knows how important it is to pack snacks for our little ones on the go (or in some cases, packing extra milk).  I love the idea of a cooler that can be frozen and keep itself cold so I don’t have to worry about taking up space with an ice pack! Since this cooler is designed with no specific bottles in mind, I know I can also pack snacks for my older kiddos and keep them nice and chilled.

Infant Float

Our family lives at the pool in the summer, so I was really excited to find this infant float with a canopy for my little one!  We have several floats designed for older babies and toddlers already, but this one is made specifically for the little ones who aren’t strong enough to support themselves upright just yet.  As a bonus, it will also be a comfortable spot for her to nap when we are taking a break in the shade!








Portable Jumper

One of my absolute favorite purchases for our outdoor-loving family is this Pop ‘n Jump Portable Activity Center.  It’s lightweight and easy to store, and allowed us to set our baby down and not have him laying on the ground or crawling away. It also gave me time to still play with my toddler daughter, hands-free! I love that it has a shade to keep harsh sun off of sensitive baby skin. I know we will be using this again with our new baby later this summer!

Portable Fan

This is such a must-have on hot summer days with a baby! I plan to use a fan that can attach to almost anything (strollers, car seats, cribs, etc.) or be used as a stand-alone on a flat surface.  Another option is a fan with soft blades, which is perfect if your little one is starting to get curious and touching everything in sight!  

Sun Hat

I’ve learned that babies don’t often like to stay in snug car seats on hot days, so I’m planning to be prepared with a sun hat for my little one for those times that she demands to be held and we are not near shade.  There are many options available, but I like hats that have maximum coverage

What are some summer baby must-haves you’ve discovered?  I’d love to know what else to add to my list!


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