Angela Green

Angela Green
Angela is the founder of Wichita Mom, the premier parenting website and community for local moms. Wife to her high school bestie, mom to two girls, and native Wichitan, she is thrilled to be raising her family in her hometown after telling her family for years she "would never move back". She is a strong advocate for mental health, believes in the power of community, and walks the talk of "babes supporting babes". She is a self-proclaimed connector, enthusiast of many things, cheerleader of moms and women, and recently converted homebody.

Introducing: Wichita Mom

Wichita Moms Blog is now...Wichita Mom! It all started as a vision for connection, community, a way to seek out parenting advice, and a desire to fall in love with Wichita as a mom. Motivated to find...

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The air has changed which means it's time for cinnamon rolls! (Ok, really if we're being honest, it's always cinnamon roll season). But there's something about the chilly breeze that makes us want to...

A Modern Way for Kids to Connect with Loved Ones for the Holidays

Both my husband's and my work involve a great amount of technology, so we understand its importance and the positive impact it can have. But like many parents, we also want to make responsible decisions...

3 Ingredient Snow Ice Cream

The moment the first snowflake of the season falls, my girls are begging to get out the supplies and ingredients for snow ice cream.  It quickly became an expected tradition in our house after we...

Wichita Moms’ Favorite Things $10 and Under

We just wrapped up our team's third annual Favorite Things Holiday Party, and it is easily one of our most anticipated nights of the year! If you have never been to a Favorite Things Party...

Favorite Gifts for New Moms

We can't think of anyone who could use a thoughtful gift more than a new mom! She's tired and learning her new groove, and below are some of our very favorite gift ideas to...

Timeless Gifts for the Home

Do you know someone who recently moved or bought their first home? Someone new to the area and community? Nothing says welcome or congratulations like a thoughtful housewarming gift. Below are our go-to favorite...

Wichita Mom-Approved Gift Guide | Gifts, Experiences, Unique Ideas

Who better to receive gift ideas and recommendations from than other moms? We often hear from women who are looking for gift ideas and local shopping recommendations and have compiled a mom-approved curated gift...

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Best Graduation Gifts Every New Graduate Will Love

“You're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So... get on your way!” - Dr. Suess Graduation is an exciting time as it exemplifies endings and new beginnings, so of course you want...

The Enneagram & Motherhood: “The Helper” (Type 2)

From The Enneagram Institute: "Twos are empathetic, sincere, and warm-hearted. They are friendly, generous, and self-sacrificing, but can also be sentimental, flattering, and people-pleasing. They are well-meaning and driven to be close to others,...

Why Banff Canada Should Be on Your Bucket List

What the heck is Banff? You're going to...Canada? Those were two of the most common responses I heard when mentioning the fact that my husband and I were taking a summer vacation to Banff in the...

When Your Head and Heart Conflict Over Having More Babies

We are done having babies. At least I think we are. It's something I find myself questioning as our second and final baby is rapidly growing up before my very eyes, reaching new milestones before I even realize she's mastered...

14 Favorite Parks In and Around Wichita

Whether you have an hour or an afternoon, going to the park is a great way to spend time with your family and get some much needed Vitamin D. Regardless of what part of...