Jeny Ayres

Jeny is a baker, a shaker, and a baby maker. She is crazy about her college sweetheart, C, and their little tribe of 5 kiddos (ages 10-2). Although born and raised a "city girl" in the ICT, falling for a country boy has recently relocated Jeny to life in a farmhouse, with cows, chickens, & the freedom to get the paper in her pjs with no chance of anyone else seeing her. When she is not singing insanely loud in the car on her way to and from 100 different places with her tribe, you can find her baking for Brown Sugar Bakery {https://www.facebook.com/brownsugarbakeryks} and trying to keep up with her happy chaos, which she blogs about over at Little Wonders {http://littlewonders-ayres.blogspot.com}. She loves Jesus, dance parties, and her 6 roommates.

Growing Your Family : Going from 1 to 2 was the Hardest

I heart big families. Which is good because I have five kids. When we welcomed our third, people were like "whoa!", our fourth "don't you have three already?" and our 5th "you know what causes...

Small Town Spotlight :: Kechi, Kansas

This post is part of our Small Town Spotlight Series. Read more posts from this series… Just a few miles northeast of Wichita is a tiny little town with tons of charm!! Kechi is home to a little...

Kansas Harvest :: A Family Affair

Chances are, living in Kansas, you have driven by beautiful "amber waves of grain" - also known as wheat fields. Did you know Kansas produces the MOST AMOUNT of wheat in the United States with over...

Mini Masterpieces :: Family Night at The Monart School of Art

My kiddos love art! Like, carry around paper and some sort of writing utensil so they can doodle whenever given a chance, love art. So I was excited for the opportunity to take my...

Our Favorite Summer Pastime :: Movie Under the Stars

When we moved into our first home, it was one of my dreams to watch movies outside. I loved the drive-in growing up and the nostalgia that came with a nice summer breeze and...

Families and Food Allergies :: Following Your Gut to Gluten Free {Series}

Every 3 minutes, someone in the U.S. is admitted to the Emergency Department for an allergic reaction to food. Increased numbers of children are diagnosed every year, which means that you probably know at...

Journey to Motherhood :: The Imperfect Situation, the Perfect Blessing

Every journey to motherhood is unique, each so compelling. Some of us have more difficult paths to navigate before reaching our final destination, while others follow the straight and narrow, hitting bumps further on down the...

Showing Appreciation :: Teacher Gift Ideas

Everyone remembers their favorite teacher, the one who left a lasting mark on their heart and who changed them for the better. I grew up with a plethora of amazing teachers. At the time I wasn't...

Raising Super Fans :: Importance of Passed Down Traditions

When you become a parent, you get to make all sorts of cool decisions for your kiddos. At least while they're little. Like what they will eat, how they will dress, what their Faith...

The Moment I Truly Felt Needed as a Mom

We were at book club at my friend Mary's house, and my one year old, Sawyer, was a mess. I remember thinking, will this child please just cooperate? He wasn't acting anything like his two...

Date night :: Thinking Outside the Popcorn Box

Some nights we lay on the floor after lights are out and wonder how we made it through the day. Other nights, we get all dressed up and cute and go out on an...