Marcella Stanley

Marcella is a Kansas City native who has called Wichita home for the past decade, after moving here to attend the Physician Assistant Program at WSU. Despite being a Shocker, Marcella is really a Wildcat at heart, along with her husband of almost 9 years, Mike. They met while both attending Kansas State University and still like to get back for KSU football games, when they aren’t wrangling their two nuggets Brody (4.5) and Holly (7 months). Marcella remains very busy working as a Cardiology PA, mothering two senior beagles plus two human children, while living off coffee and a heaping dose of sarcasm.

Five Reasons to Plan an Adults-Only Disney Trip

This may not be the most popular opinion, but I’m here to say that The Happiest Place on Earth can be even happier sans children. I get it - it feels sacrilegious to go...

To the Special Needs Dad on Father’s Day

For the dads whose days aren't spent running to sports practice, but instead to physical therapy sessions.For the dads who spend their spare time researching their child's condition.For the dads who know the best...

5 Easy Ways to Support & Honor Our Caregivers

The month of February may make you think of chocolates, flowers, and all things love related, so its fitting that National Caregivers Day happens to fall on the third Friday of the month. This...

Change When You’re Ready, No New Year’s Resolutions Required

A couple years ago, I found myself sipping the Rachel Hollis Kool-Aid. And by sipping, I mean slurping. One of her many practices for “self care” and betterment is called the Last 90. Essentially, you...

Speaking Out & Breaking the Taboo Surrounding Miscarriage and Infant Loss

If you’re on social media at all, you have probably seen a recent post by Chrissy Teigen that has gone viral. In this, she shares pictures of her baby that she unfortunately miscarried, and describes...

October is Dwarfism Awareness Month

The month of October is synonymous with all things pumpkin spice, college football, and Halloween. It’s also a common awareness month for Breast Cancer, Down Syndrome, and Pregnancy and Infant loss, just to name...

These 4 Tips Will Make Buying or Selling a Home So Much Easier

Over the past 16 years, I have moved more times than I can count. In fact, during my clinical year of PA school, I essentially lived in my Honda Civic, with a bag of...

Families Are Fur-ever: Helping Your Children Grieve the Loss of A Pet

On a beautiful Saturday morning in April 2009, I fell in love in a Wendy’s parking lot in western Missouri. I had seen her picture online and was captivated; I knew I had to...

3 Ways Being A Special Needs Mom Prepared Me for Life During COVID-19

Less than two months into quarantine and it’s hard for most to remember life “B.C.”- before COVID. With toilet paper now the ultimate hot ticket item, life as we know it has done a...

5 Things Your Healthcare Provider Wants You To Know

In today's healthcare culture, patient satisfaction trumps patient safety. Providers are ranked online and put on display like Tinder for your selection. With social media exposure being the new “word of mouth,” sometimes its...