Rachel Banning

Rachel Banning
Originally from the Wichita area, Rachel’s greatest adventure began 20 years ago when she married her husband. Together, they have one living child with Asperger’s (Dylan, ‘03) and one heavenly daughter with cerebral palsy (Mia, 2000-2013). She is a homeschool mom and business owner. Rachel is an unapologetic advocate for children of all abilities, a bookworm, and she will find any excuse to use her Kitchen Aid and wear Junior League red.

Dear Moms of 2020 Seniors

Dear Moms of Seniors, I’m writing you this letter in the middle of the night because my heart is breaking for you. I don’t have a child graduating high school this year, but I see...

How to DIY Your Hair Color At Home

I consider my hair and makeup essential, however the government does not, so until Instagram or Zoom figure out how to filter my grey hair, I’m resorting to this classic hair color routine as...

You Are the Solution: April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

As spring finally emerges, you may begin to see a lot more blue skies, and bright futures, but you will also see blue ribbons, blue pinwheels, and women carrying around blue trash bags to...

Ending Women on Women Crime: International Women’s Day March 8th

We’ve all seen it. This year it was a Jennifer Lopez and Shakira halftime show. In 2019, it was Megan Rapinoe. Remember Christine Blasey Ford testifying before Congress about concerns over a Supreme Court nominee...

15 Minutes with Your Kid That Will Change Your Life

When a very gregarious, energetic three year old little boy walked into our lives, I swear, our well-organized, minimalist house jumped to life. Suddenly, toys and books were scattered everywhere, colors and Legos appeared...

Special Needs Kids & Medical Procedures: Tell or Wait?

After enduring two years of braces, our son’s smile lit up the x-ray machine the day he got his braces off. To our disbelief, four teeth that were not part of his smile on...

Thankfully Thanksgiving – 8 Hosting Hacks to Make Your Life Easier!

Whether you are hosting this year's feast, or playing musical chairs between houses for dinners, these Thanksgiving Day hacks are sure to help you save time and sanity so you can genuinely experience the...

The Question Every Mom of A Child with Special Needs Hates

Over the years, I’ve answered a lot of questions about our kids with special needs. I don’t mind, I’m a big believer that knowledge is power and questions usually mean genuine interest. But as...
Halloween, Trick-or-Treat, and Fall Events in Wichita

Wichita Area Fall Festivals, Fairs & Carnivals

It’s fall y’all! Fall season in the midwest means weekends full of small town bustle and excitement for the young at heart and old timers alike. Festivals are a wonderful way to connect with...

Hugs Can Take Many Forms – Global ‘Hug Your Kids Day’

Just like a day for mothers, fathers, lovers, and donuts, it seems a bit odd to me that we have a global day to recognize an activity that should occur naturally on a daily...

Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Color

I’m not sure what phase of adulting we call this, but we’ve lived in our house for almost 15 years and it is time to update. I’m not talking complete remodel, just an update...

When Boredom Gets the Best of Me

Down time doesn’t last long at our house. It is cherished, but very quickly becomes foreign to our usually hectic, beautiful, chaotic life. I love to read, but if I am waiting on a...

Our Rules for Teen Dating

After overhearing a conversation our teen son was having that consisted of asking a girl out, my husband and I realized his adolescent years were waning to young adult years. Companionship has always been...

5 Favorite Pizza Joints in Wichita

I’ve always been a beer and pizza kind of gal. Although I’m not a “foodie”, I’ve loved writing these "best of" posts featuring our city’s most amazing food dives. (See WMB’s Best of Burgers...