6 Places to Get Your Hands on the Best Burgers in Wichita


Best Burgers in Wichita

Best Burgers in Wichita, KS

Any time, any place, you cannot go wrong with an All-American classic (unless, of course, you don’t use real beef). I’d have hamburgers everyday if I could, and pizza on the days I couldn’t, which is why I’ve been doing a lot of weight training and focusing on fitness and nutrition goals. I’ve enlisted my fabulous BURGER BFF’s to help me compile this list of 6 Must-Try Burger Joints and the Best Burgers in Wichita. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


4860 S Clifton Ave.

Straight up: You have to be brave to eat here. It’s cash only, but come hungry, because their single is 3/4 lbs! Seriously tiny establishment but great eats. (Disclaimer: we wouldn’t take our son here, but we’d order him a carry out burger, because this place is probably Rated R for foul language…and I wouldn’t mention anything bad about the Steelers.)


1659 S Broadway St.

Great burger, but this joint isn’t just hamburgers, it’s all about the BBQ too! Don’t forget to try the baked beans!


3700 E. Douglas #78

Right in the heart of Clifton Square, this pub has amazing burgers, beer, and a kids menu in the heart of College Hill. Great atmosphere inside and out!

FIZZ Burgers and Bottles

7718 E. 37th Street N., #100

The Blue is a great hamburger an is my husband’s east-side favorite. My gluten-free brother-in-law and his family with young kids love to eat here too!


Various locations

I am most certainly a Kansas girl and this is most definitely a Kansas company – but I absolutely love their California Burger…and the shoestring french fries are like 1/2 the calories of regular size french fries, right?


1003 W Douglas Ave.

A Delano District tradition! Our neighbors swear by the Jalapano Burger and the Chili Burger, the cheese fries, and don’t forget to order grilled onions! Just for fun, add an order of half onion rings—half French fries on the side with a chocolate shake.

*This post was originally written in 2017

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  1. I like Jersey’s. And they make their own potato chips and an awesome ranch dip. I’m not usually a ranch kind of girl, but these chips and are so good together. Their onion rings are thick cut and super crispy.

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