Mathnasium of East Wichita

8338 E 21st St. North #312 Wichita, KS 67206
8338 East 21st Street North Wichita Kansas 67206 US

We have Mathnasium learning centers on the East and West sides of Wichita.  Call to schedule a free math skills assessment (316) 558-5960.

We help gifted and advanced students get ahead of grade level and stay ahead.  We also help struggling students to catch up and stay caught up in math.  Grades 2 – 12th.  One on one teaching.  Customized learning plans created for each student. 

Homework help; ACT test prep (Math);

Year round math instruction or summer only programs.

Mathnasium is very much appreciated by moms of home school students. Moms who no longer want to teach math at home should call and schedule a tour and a free math skills assessment. (316) 558-5960

Learning plans are updated on a regular basis to show student progress.


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