4 New Ideas for A Fab Fall Girls Night in Wichita


I desperately need time with my girlfriends. Without guys or kids (we adore you, but we need a minute).

We need to talk, to laugh, and to have fun. Here’s a few things to do with your bestie this fall that you might not have done together yet. 

Hit Rewind

Among even a small group of friends, there’s always someone who hasn’t seen a classic movie. Or maybe someone has a favorite that she wants to share!

Four of my besties and I did a Steel Magnolias night last year. My fellow firewife asked her mom to keep her kiddos overnight so we could have an empty house. We all brought take-out and sweats – we laughed and cried our eyes out until the wee hours of the morning.

Here are a few ideas for movies that are best seen with a friend on a crisp evening:

  • Anne of Green Gables
  • The Princess Bride
  • Sweet Home Alabama
  • The Notebook
  • Bridesmaids
  • Clueless
  • When Harry Met Sally
  • Legally Blonde

You can even do this with friends virtually if you all settle on a title and then chat through the movie with FaceTime, Facebook Rooms or apps like Marco Polo!  

Mom Stay-cation

Sometimes between girlfriends, it can’t all be said before we fall asleep. So let’s move this convo to a local hotel or B&B where we can truly relax in PJs. Bonus: you don’t have to wonder what the unpredictable fall weather will be like.

My friend and I got a hotel room one year when we were both pregnant. It was so relaxing to get room service and not need to drive home. 

These are a few of Wichita’s wonderful hotels and B&Bs to get your girl’s night going:

You can also check out cozy Airbnb options as well as VRBO listings in the Wichita area.

Mom’s Turn

You take a cute Instagram-y photo at the pumpkin patch, but in reality, you were working hard to keep everyone happy and safe. 

Maybe it’s your turn. Grab a friend and a blanket scarf and go back to the pumpkin patch or corn maze and do it like a grownup! Take your time, sip your cider, pick your pumpkin, take your photos. EN-JOY. 

You could also do this for Botanica, the Sedgwick County Zoo or other places you may usually go with kids. Which animal do YOU want to see first, Mom?

Create Memories

I really love to be creative, but rarely finish a project when there’s a toddler jiggling my elbow, and big kids asking questions. As an extrovert, I love conversation during a project, with a friend who I can bounce ideas off! 

Try an artsy girls night:

Board and Brush – Make and Take Workshop events. Bring a friend and BYOB! They have the cutest seasonal boards. You know you wanted to add one to your porch…

Paint the Town or Pinot’s Palette 

Pick up a kit or supplies at Hobby Lobby to DIY anything from homemade Halloween costumes, hair clips, handmade jewelry, cards and more! Now all you need is an empty or quiet house for you and friends to get to work.   

Whatever you do, get some girl time, Mama. You deserve it.



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