The Finer Things That Everyone Can Enjoy


The “finer things” by the common definition just aren’t present in everyone’s life and choices globally. Maybe that adds to the allure for some, because this lifestyle is elite. Exclusive. High-end. Gourmet.

But what are truly the finest things any human can enjoy?

Diamonds vs. Happy Tears

I was told I would want to upgrade my 1/3 carat diamond engagement ring. Eleven years later, I still say “Not a chance.” I understand the status; I see the sparkle. But no more diamonds for me. What I want for every anniversary, birthday, and ordinary day are happy tears.

The kind when your baby sister gets married. When a child is surprised by their own power, after a struggle. When your heart is so overwhelmed, because there has been so much pressure to produce that gem of a teardrop. Give me all of them. String those tears around my neck, so I never forget what is truly valuable.

Designer Clothes vs. Confidence

If I wear anything nice, assume it’s secondhand! I love how good clothes make me feel, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t mean the label or price tag. I want the right cut for my current shape, the right use for my activity, the right color and pattern to let my personality and energy shine through. That kind of confidence is priceless to me. Because body image is a tricky, tricky beast.

Luxury Car vs Mobility

It is an amazing thing to have your freedom to move, especially if it was gone and then returned to you. Like taking off a cast and walking again. I felt this with a train ticket in hand when we were a single-income, single-car family Europe. I could literally get myself anywhere around the continent and that was a more precious than heated seats, a swanky exterior design or heart-stopping logo. I’d rather feel the freedom of a rented scooter that takes me on an adventure than any high-end automobile. Not every woman has freedom to move as she pleases—this is indeed a luxury.

Wine and Dine vs. Ingredients and People

I adore gourmet food. But what I’m really passionate about though, is the subtle art of food tasting like itself. Julia Child talked about making a roast chicken with simple salt and butter because it should taste like roast chicken. All around the world, women are setting this finer thing in front of their families – beautiful ingredients, intelligently prepared. This should be paired with people, like a fine meal with fine wine. Be with the company so scintillating and sparkling that you’d rather drink in the conversation than the fanciest Chateau Margaux. #bordeaux

Acclaim vs. Love

It’s pretty cool to know the who’s who. To see that they liked your mention on Instagram. It’d also be pretty rad to be celebrity, an influencer, to be well-known in your field…to be somebody! But having a huge following isn’t a finer thing on this list. What finest, is actually being loved.

After being gone for five days, I peeked in on our sleeping 3-year-old, “accidentally” waking him up. His sleepy face blossomed with recognition and he dove into my arms, squeezing me tight. I am his celebrity.

If I name-drop, I want it to be my besties, who are the most wonderful, genuine people. Who admire me for the silliest, sweetest things. Who do stuff like make muffins, get collagen and buy a SodaStream based on my suggestions. I’d rather be a bestie than an influencer.

I have the love of a man dedicated enough to be my drill sergeant when I’m about to give up. Humble enough to put diapers on me after I gave birth. In love enough to pick out my fancy shoes when he takes me out. Devoted enough to work two to three jobs so I can follow my dreams. His commitment to loving me forever is spellbinding.

The way I am loved is a finer thing in my life.

Parties vs. The Best Nights Ever

Just like Ariel the mermaid, I want to go where the people are; conferences, parties, festivals. I want to be in the same room with people I admire or just even be at a party because I know it will be “important.” I adore dressing up and I know when I look good.

However, the best nights of my life have been sitting in the dark, on our balcony, sipping something with my husband as the tree branches sway above us and the fireflies flit.  

The finer things of life do not cost anything and are available to every person on the planet. Nothing else will last, so cherish your finer things. What else would you add to this list?