5 Places to Look for New Recipes and Cooking Inspo


I love to cook – and ADORE cookbooks and use them a lot. However, recipe websites and apps are all the rage and for good reason! They are easy to use and can provide more instruction than most cookbooks and they SO are easy to search.

There are so many out there, it is hard to find the ones that have the most to offer. These are the Top 5 Recipe Websites that also have a bonus! an app that makes it so much more accessible and easy to search on the go!


Heard of it? I honestly use it a ton for cooking. It is my go to when trying re-purpose leftovers – works like a charm. Type in what you are trying to use and get tons of options. Each option is on another website, which is a fun way to get introduced to new favorites that you are sure to fall in love with too. I also love that it gives a star rating for the recipes and how many people have rated each one – helps to know when you are in a pinch which one has been rated by 1000’s of people and which have been rated by 2. Gives you a better chance at a success from the start.

Bonus! You can be very specific in your search to ensure you get results for exactly what you need. Also understand this website/app can be used to search for other things beyond recipes 😉

Food Network

Ideal if you like certain celebrity chefs and enjoy the Food Network channel. You can search many different ways – what you want to cook, ingredients, etc. But awesome if you are looking for something specific. They do have an app and a strong social media following.

They have the bonuses all down – Great website, their own cooking channel and a bunch of celebrity chefs to boot. If you create a log-in, other benefits include being able to ‘file’ recipes for later use, build a grocery list and more.

They do have multiple apps: Food Network Go – lets you stream their show on demand, they also have an app for their magazine.


So many links, pretty pictures and great resources. Positives include so much creativity. If you are looking for something that is great for a party and looks great – this is a great search engine to use. If you log in you can start “boards” to save recipes in different categories of your choosing. Some recipes are sponsored, others are not, every recipe is a link to another website.

BEWARE of getting sucked in. This is my biggest challenge with Pinterest – I can’t get away – there are so many photos that look so yummy that leads you to kitchen design ideas and cleaning tips and by the time you leave the site the kids are already in bed having had cereal for dinner again.

All Recipes

Great recipes, and sooo many of them that have been tested a ton. It is ranked #1 for the number of visitors to the site each month (almost 25 million a month!) I love that you can narrow your search to include ingredients that you want in it or any dietary restrictions it must include. Also allows you to specify the amount of time you would like to spend on the recipe.

Bonus: Does have some extra cool features on the app like the Dinner Spinner that allows you to shake your phone and randomly gives you ideas for dinner.


I’m obsessed with their social media videos – as are their other 95 million Facebook followers…they make cooking look so appealing! Pretty, concise and easy. Plus the videos are so short and sweet the way they speed them up – keeps your attention.

Bonus: Their videos on social media are equally as enjoyable even when you are not planning to cook…at least that’s what I hear 😉

There are so many more – but here are some favorites….

Beef it’s What’s For Dinner 

Barefoot Contessa 

Cooks Illustrated 

Divas Can Cook

Smitten Kitchen

Tastes Lovely

What is your favorite cooking website?

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