9 Date Night Ideas for When You Can’t (or Don’t Want to) Leave the House


Whether you are stuck without a babysitter, you or your partner are out of town for work, or you’re just not ready to leave your tiny sweet babe, these virtual date night ideas are here for you. No matter why you need to have an at-home-date, there are fun ways to connect and kindle intimacy through a virtual date night. 

Because my husband and I have toddler twins and a four-year-old, we are no strangers to finding creative ways to connect. Even pre-pandemic days required that we get creative to keep our relationship thriving. Feeling too tired to go out and then being under restrictions, thanks to Covid, we managed to find some fun ways to do something just for us. 

Online Escape Room

Escape rooms are fun and entertaining to do in person; I was thrilled to discover some decent digital escape room options. By going to The Escape Game you can enter the world of mind-bending and problem solving from the comfort of your living room.

Tour the Louvre

If Paris and art are your jam, this virtual tour is for you. Yes, that’s right. You can visit the Louvre from your own house. Be transported to this spectacular Parisian museum while wearing cozy jams and sipping wine. 

Check out a Concert 

If you and you’re significant other love live music and concerts, you’re in luck. You can catch a live or pre-recorded concert then sit back on your couch and enjoy the show.

Enjoy a Fake-cation

The fake-cation is by far my new favorite at-home date idea. Ditch the jet-lag and clumsy baggage. Airbnb’s online experiences allow you to travel virtually anywhere. From a wine tasting in Argentina and an intimate tour of Venice to experiencing animal life in New Zealand and visiting Kyoto’s forest, there are endless options. 

Take a Class

If you are up for the challenge of taking a class with your partner, Craftsy is the perfect place to find a new hobby you can do together. You can find a course on anything from baking and cooking to drawing or even knitting.  

If crafts aren’t for you, consider something from MasterClass. With classes on everything from arts and science to wellness, you can broaden your minds together. 

Wine Tasting 

If you are a fan of wine, this is the stay-at-home date made for you. Virtual wine tastings are where you sign up for an online tasting, are mailed wine, then log on to have your host guide you through your wine. You hop onto a virtual tasting with your wine in hand to be transported to a cozy winery somewhere. Here is an excellent list of virtual tasting options. 

Dinner In 

You can still enjoy a delicious, special dinner from your dining room. Wichita’s local farm-to-table restaurant, Elderslie Farm, offers meals-to-go. Just order online, pick it up and do a little prep once your home. You can sit down to enjoy an incredible dining experience. 

Scavenger Hunt 

For something completely different, try an online couples scavenger hunt. Stay home but have a blast using the Let’s Roam app to go through a series of questions and challenges. You can do this anytime and all while wearing sweats; it’s a win-win.

Partner Yoga 

Take your connection to the next level by trying Partner Yoga! It’s different, it’s unique, and it’s a lot of fun. The bonus is not only are you trying something new for your wellness, but you’ll likely also get a lot of laughs. 


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