Different Social Media Mom Styles: Which Are You?


Social Media is used for many reasons. As a mom we might use it as a modern day baby book or family record, keeping up with the kids’ activities, sharing resources, or even plugging into volunteering events…goodness it’s handy. 

However, we sometimes take for granted how powerful this tool is for connection and community. We have to stay connected, even if on a basic level.

The internet, and Social Media especially, have made a platform for us to present ourselves to the world, and we don’t all interpret that in the same way. Just like we’re not all the same IRL. We have personalities with distinct likes and dislikes. So it’s safe to say that our online style would manifest different as well, none wrong or right.

As this emergence of community and constant connection to the world has sprung with our generation, we are defining how we use our devices. Social Media moms are all unique, and have many things to consider with our World Wide Web existence, but most of us can fall under one (or a blend) of these four basic categories:

The Perfectionist 

Loves beauty and can find it in any situation, especially with her family. She knows how to edit photos well, so well that she might even be a photographer on the side. Her daily stories are clever and entertaining. A darling park is the perfect backdrop for a picture of her kids playing. The Family Photo is art, and the candid moments of joy are her favorite. This mom “friends” savvy moms she might never meet because she knows that although no one is ever perfect, beauty is inspiring. 

The Protector

The Protector is a mom with defined boundaries. She doesn’t like the idea of her child being online. She posts factual posts like recipes, inspiring messages, or local information. Protectors will most likely not use the daily stories feature on Social Media. Seeing everyone’s stories make her smile, and she is a cheerleader from the sidelines. This mom shares limited but important pictures, and might code children’s names when posting about them. She has tons of videos and photos of her kids on her phone, but she’s not interested in showing the world all her heart.

The Ghost

Is she there? The Ghost has social media accounts, checks messages, reads blogs, scans for current events and updated friends’ pictures, but rarely comments or shares. This Ghost understands the value of being unplugged and might just be too busy to participate in Socials. She gives her free time and attention to her family, but doesn’t have her phone out taking pictures because she doesn’t want to watch the world through a screen. 

The Uninhibited Poster

“Life can be messy” is her philosophy, finding beauty and joy in everything is her specialty. This mama will post charming pictures of her child with Mac and Cheese all over his face and high chair. A loved playroom is the perfect backdrop to her life, because that is her cup of tea. The Uninhibited mom is the mom that uses stories to show the world how funny her toddler is. Her posts are real, unedited, sweet moments of her life. She knows the picture she posted would be better if her kid was wearing shoes, but also knows this life is worth documenting, as-is.

So, am I doing it right?

The world is an easier place since we are connected on the web in so many ways,

but also a lot more complicated.

As a mom/woman/community member, we have a right to respond to this virtual environment in our own way. You might fall heavy into one category, or move between different ways to commutate and share depending on the season in our lives. There is no wrong way to express yourself and there is no place for another reason to worry if you are “doing it right” or not.

Do you agree with this breakdown? What would you add to this list?

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Denise Dopps
Denise is a chiropractor and speaker, wife to Ryan, and mama to Eli (b. 2009), Hadley (b. 2012), and three-going-on-thirteen youngest daughter Lucy (b. 2015). She moved to Wichita with her husband in 2007 after living in West Michigan and Dallas, Texas, but Wichita became her home from the start. With a Bachelors in Graphic Design and Marketing and Doctorate of Chiropractic, she co-owns a practice with her husband in East Wichita where they find joy in serving others throughout our community. In her spare time, Denise loves to record her podcast which empowers others in vocabulary and etiquette of communication. Denise enjoys being involved in her church when possible, is passionate about healthy food and exercise, and appreciates listening to a good podcast while doing chores. With all that needs to be done in a day, she never misses the opportunity to remind her children that they are the most important part of it.


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