10 MORE Places to Enjoy Dining Gluten-Free with Kids


I recently did a post on 10 Places to Enjoy Dining Gluten-Free with Kids, and the response was overwhelming!  Because there was so much interest in these options (and great additional suggestions), I have decided to compile 10 MORE places to enjoy dining gluten-free with kids for your consideration. Reminder:  I had no shame. I created this list without regard for date night potential, whether it’s locally-sourced, has the best patio, or boasts the best desserts. I love all of those resources, and WMB has plenty of them for you to peruse, but this just ain’t one of them.

The sole purpose of this list is to document where I personally have had the best luck dining out with my children, ate something other than an unseasoned grilled chicken breast without sides, and at least semi-enjoyed the whole experience.  I also included few reader suggestions in this second iteration that I have no had the opportunity to personally try, but fully intend to given the rave reviews!  

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

You can get any Freddy’s burger without a bun or with a lettuce wrap, and the Freddy’s Sauce is worth every bit of that trade off.  Our kids LOVE the custard sandwiches!


Chipotle is one of the few places that I can walk into and order without specifying “gluten free”–they have many options that are just naturally gluten-free!  Kids can make their own tacos and even get their own mini bag of the signature chips.

HomeGrown Wichita 

HomeGrown has the most amazing gluten-free pancakes (and bacon!) I’ve ever had.  They also offer gluten-free bread for their sandwiches!  For the kiddos, they also have funfetti pancakes–and they are FUN.  

Jimmy John’s

Sandwich places are such crowd-pleasers!  What kid doesn’t love a delicious sub sandwich?  For those with gluten-free needs, this is the only place I’ve really ever ENJOYED  a lettuce wrap.  I highly recommend it!  Consumer warning: the tuna salad contains soy sauce, which DOES have gluten.

Noodles & Co.

This is another major crowd-pleaser!  Our kids LOVE pasta.  Noodles & Co. can make almost any of their dishes with a gluten-free fusilli noodle or with rice noodles.  BONUS:  Pick up a family-sized portion for everyone when you’re in a pinch, instead of the usual pizza crisis!

Bricktown Brewery

This place is one of my favorites.  They have an east and west location, they offer gluten-free buns and beer options, and every single I’ve ever enjoyed there is delicious.

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

Our children go crazy over the homemade root beer and I go crazy over the GF chocolate chip Pizzokie.


Not only does Abuelo’s have a separate gluten-free menu, but they are very good at accommodating other dietary restrictions, as well.  Margaritas always make dining with children more enjoyable!

Other noteworthy options: Fizz Burgers & Bottles (gluten-free buns), Park Grounds, and Old Chicago (great GF pizza!), Picasso’s Pizzeria.