These Local Shops Sell Iconic Wichita Flag Swag & Our Favorite ICT Merch

Wichita stickers at Exploration Place

One of the top questions in our local neighborhood groups is “Where is the best place to buy Wichita flag and Keeper of the Plains stuff?!” Here is a list curated straight from the recommendations of Wichita Moms!

Where to Buy Wichita Flag & Keeper of the Plains Merch

Wicihta shirts at The Workroom
The Workroom

Wichita Flag Merch in Central/Downtown Wichita

The Workroom | 150 N. Cleveland

Featuring over 100+ local artists in their store, they offer everything from custom furniture to accessories and of course, flag swag.

Lucinda’s | 329 N. Mead

At Lucinda’s you will always find funky, off the wall accessories and the best gift ideas in Wichita. They also have a wide variety of Wichita flag and Keeper themed stickers, shirts, and home goods.

Clifton Collective | 3700 E. Douglas #80

Handcrafted goods from Midwest makers. Clifton Collective offers all things Wichita from doormats to dishwares. Their stickers and jewelry are always a huge hit.

Explore Store at Exploration Place

Wichita flag game
The Workroom

| 300 N McLean Blvd.

If you’re looking for ICT-centric stickers and t-shirts, they’ve always got tons of merch in stock!

Vortex Souvenir | 607 W Douglas Ave

Vortex Souvenir is chock full of incredible products designed by independent artists & creators! Art, stationery, greeting cards, shirts, socks – they’ve definitely got what you’re looking for!

Wichita Flag Merch in West Wichita

Things 4 That | 7130 W. Maple Ste. 200

Consignment store of local makers supplying handcrafted gifts and Wichita swag

Wichita flag stickers
The Wichita Art Museum store has a great selection of stickers and merch, too!

Stores with Multiple Wichita Locations

Wichita coloring book at The Workroom

Cocoa Dolce | Central: 235 N. St. Francis; East: 2132 N. Rock Road; West: 2441 N. Maize Road

Cocoa Dolce doesn’t offer flag swag in the normal sense – they sell it in chocolate! Even offering a 6-piece Shockolate collection.

Wicked Stitch | East: 3700 E. Douglas #52; West: 2121 N. Tyler Road #115

Custom apparel, embroidery, and designs for all things Wichita and anything else you need.

Kansas Sampler | East: 3053 N. Rock Road; West: 2241 N. Maize Road

Offering one of the largest local selections of licensed sports merchandise, Kansas Sampler also offers local exclusives like drinkware, accessories, clothing and food.

Wichita Flag Wine Glass
Wichita Flag Wine Glass
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