Where to Foster & Adopt Family Pets in Wichita

It is no surprise to anyone that I have a big soft spot for animals. I grew up around animals and always seemed to find a way to bring them home with me.  When I was six, I found a cat on my way home from school.  When I was ten, I rescued and took home two kittens who were stuck in a boat, while our family was visiting Lake of the Ozarks.  So when I turned fourteen, I thought it would be great to work at a veterinary hospital.  The hospital I worked at was often brought animals who were found hurt and needed help.  I worked in almost every area of the hospital that a teenager could, and I learned a lot about caring for animals.  This is where the passion of fostering and adopting animals started for me. I can’t guarantee that my parents were always happy when an animal came home though.  As the promise to only foster the animal for a few weeks turned into months and then years. I typically did not stop at just one animal, but I knew that I alone could not help them all.

Ways You Can Help

What I have found is that many people have a passion to help animals and don’t know how.  You may also have children who want a pet but you are not sure that they are ready to care for an animal or understand how much work is involved.  I would highly encourage you or your family to volunteer or even foster an animal. There are so many wonderful organizations available to do either of these things.  As a volunteer, you can walk and play with the animals at the shelter.  You can make beds or toys for the animals to play with.  You can visit them and just show them affection.  The next time you are having a bad day, try stopping by the shelter and just playing with an animal!  I promise it will help.

Are you a dog or a cat person? Or are guinea pigs and rabbits for you? There are animals everywhere and of all ages and sizes.  If you are in love with a certain breed, organizations can help match you with an animal or even notify you when one is available. Most organizations will more likely match you up with an animal that matches your lifestyle.  I can tell you though, if you visit the animal, you will fall in love with it. Even if it isn’t your perfect match of breed, color and age you had in mind.

Are you looking to volunteer, foster or adopt? Check out these local Wichita options:

Born and raised in Wichita, full of Shocker pride, Jenna is a boy mom to son's Aiden and Eli. She married her college sweetheart, Danny, and the two keep an active schedule that includes chasing their children and dogs around Northeast Wichita. Jenna is an executive for a local HR Outsourcing organization and a member of the Junior League of Wichita. She likes to spend her spare time helping others or volunteering around the community. You can catch her at local events, supporting entrepreneurs and participating in activities with friends and family. She is a total foodie, loves coffee and craft beer, is an avid podcast listener and is quite fond of a glass of Cabernet to end her day. Keep up with Jenna at @JenMarceau on Instagram!


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