Top 5 Must-Haves for a Wichita Moms Night Out

Thank you to local favorite Scotch & Sirloin and Sterling Silver Premium Meats for sponsoring this post and hosting members of our team for a VIP experience.

So you’ve got the babysitter and plans have been made for the evening, but you suddenly realize it’s been weeks (months?) since hitting the town with your best girls. Rest assured, it doesn’t take much to have a successful evening out – the Wichita Moms Blog team has determined that all you need is the following: 

1. The perfect outfit. And actually, it doesn’t even have to be perfect. As long as it’s not a sweatshirt and yoga pants, you are sure to feel good about yourself! We are currently loving the bell shaped sleeve and floral print trends that are popular right now. 

2. Your favorite go-to lip shade. It’s amazing at how much confidence one can gain simply by adding a pop of lip color to your makeup regiment. We love all the fun shades of pink this spring. 

3. Your best mom friends. This is a given. But seriously, if you’ve got the ones who build you up, make you laugh, and are in just as much need of a good time – you’ll be all set!

4. All the wine (or any mom-friendly beverage, really). Need we say more?  

5. Delicious dinner that YOU don’t have to cook. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but man when it is, you’ll be dreaming of that evening for the weeks that follow. There are so many local favorites, but we are here to share about our recent Moms Night Out experience!

A few members of our team were recently invited for a VIP evening to check out the “Renewed Scotch” at Scotch and Sirloin and we were able to hit on all of the above (especially the wine and dinner piece)!

When Wichita natives hear the name “Scotch & Sirloin,” they most likely are flooded with many memories they’ve experienced at the historic landmark that has graced our city for many decades. What some Wichitans may not know is that the Scotch & Sirloin was recently renovated to create a unique and welcoming dining experience for all guests with an emphasis on high quality food, and delicious wine and cocktails.

I wasn’t sure what to expect during our VIP dining experience, as I used to frequent the popular restaurant (prior to the new renovations and ownership) sometimes multiple times a week with my husband and my parents. However, from the moment I walked in the door, I was genuinely impressed. The ambiance is chic and modern, yet still contains the same romantic lighting of the historic Scotch & Sirloin that brings back a déjà vu feeling to former regulars like myself.

What really stood out to us as a group was the attention to detail that was put into the restaurant as an entirety– the lighting, decor (stunning local photos of our beloved city grace the walls), glassware and silverware were carefully chosen. Even the music, down to the tempo and volume level, was researched and played throughout the restaurant to create the best dining experience! 
The wine education and presentation was second-to-none. I found that I love white wines more than I thought, thanks to the perfect temperature, glass and aeration! Yet, what has always given the Scotch & Sirloin its infamous name is the food. From the upscale appetizers (steak tartare anyone?) to a filet mignon, ‘Oscar-style’ (topped with a seared crab cake and béarnaise with two shoots of asparagus) to a plethora of desserts, including varieties of cakes and cheesecakes proudly made in-house, I couldn’t have been more impressed with the quality, taste and presentation of each course. 

We learned the beef at Scotch & Sirloin is sourced from Sterling Silver Premium Meats and is selected from top-tier choice and prime grades, which guarantees a tender, juicy, and flavorful eating experience. One thing we were surprised to learn was that Scotch & Sirloin has a Premium Butcher Service offering these quality meats, along with the local neighborhood Dillon’s store. 

The newly-revised vision, passion and overall dining experience of the Scotch & Sirloin is truly keeping its well-known name and exceptional reputation alive in Wichita. 

Thank you to Erin Kata Photography for capturing our evening!

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