Citywide Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt for Kids! (plus free printables)


On Saint Patrick’s Day, neighborhoods in the area joined together and created a Shamrock Hunt! Kids created Shamrocks & taped them to the front windows in their homes. Families could then get out for a walk (or drive) to hunt for shamrocks! 

This activity was the highlight of our day. In fact, the entire community loved this activity SO much, that many have decided to continue the fun over the course of the next few weeks! 


 Follow along in our Facebook Event to track which neighborhoods are participating!

  • Print, draw, color, & create a project that brings JOY. This could be rainbows, hearts, superheroes…anything! Feel free to follow the schedule below, or create your own. 

TIP :: Search Pinterest for printables of themes your kids like if they don’t want to free hand anything.

TIP :: If you have a neighborhood Facebook group or Nextdoor app, take it a step further and designate a theme each week within your own neighborhood. Today, our neighborhood decided to replace shamrocks with rainbows, whereas another decided on hearts. Be creative! 

  • Hang the project(s) in a front window of your home. 

TIP :: Try to hang them in a large window closest to the street, with good lighting. I found that people who hung them in the skinny windows in the dark by the front door were very hard to spot, whereas the people who hung them in large front bedroom windows were much easier for my kids to find. 

  • Get out for a scavenger hunt! Take a walk on a nice day, or go for a drive in the rain. Search for creations in the front windows of homes, and tally how many you find on the printable below. 

ADD SOME FUN :: Let your friends know when you’ll be driving by, and have them wave to you from the front door! Roll down the windows and shout HELLO! ❤️


Scavenger Hunt Schedule

Scavenger Hunt Tally Sheet


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