Detox Diary :: My 3-Day Songbird Juice Co. Cleanse

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The first time I heard about a juice cleanse was about 6 years ago. After much research, I ordered a 7-day cleanse through a juicery in California. I had high hopes and great expectations. It was a much more difficult feat than I had expected and, although I pushed myself, I ended up dropping out after the third day. 

Fast forward to present-day.

I decided to give a cleanse another try. But this time, I wanted to set myself up for success and enter the experience with a different mindset. I called on my dear friend Marty Spence, owner of Songbird Juice Co. to get her expertise, as well as to purchase a LOCAL cleanse from her Wichita storefront. This alone made me want to do a cleanse again, because who doesn’t love to support local?? 

Doing a gentle cleanse is similar to hitting a “restart” button for our bodies, and I knew that my body could use a break from the ‘norm.’

Our bodies benefit from giving our digestive system a rest while boosting energy and mental motivation, so I was gladly on board for a new experience.

Each Songbird juice is 100% raw, non-pasteurized, full of up to 2 1/2 pounds of fruits/vegetables and contain a shelf-life of 3-5 days. 

I didn’t want to begin by doing a full week, knowing that I may only make it to day three. So, I chose to purchase a 3-Day Cleanse. Here are all of the ‘juicy’ details:


I wanted to make sure my body was prepared to survive on just 4 bottled juices a day, so I did my homework with Marty before beginning my cleanse journey. I weaned myself off of my morning coffee and instead drank warm lemon water or green tea, along with A LOT of water throughout the day. I made sure to reduce sugars and alcohol, increased fruit and vegetables in my diet, and decreased meat and dairy consumption. I also made sure to get more sleep than I typically do at night to make sure I wouldn’t be groggy or tired my first day of the cleanse (especially with the lack of caffeine I would have!). 


I began my day by weighing myself. Although I was not doing this cleanse to lose weight, I wanted to see the impact it had on my body. I started by drinking warm lemon water as I got my day going, before drinking my first juice of the day. This helped with hydration and giving my body the kick-start it needed to prepare for my juices that day. 

My first juice of the day (i.e. my ‘breakfast’) was “Generosity,” which consisted of kale, cucumber, pineapple and ginger. I began with this juice because it is loaded with vegetables and nutrients. The ginger is also great for easing the stomach for the day, so it was a good ‘breakfast’ option. 

For lunch, I savored “Harmony,” which was full of carrot, apple, orange and turmeric. This juice was my personal favorite of each day!

The third juice I drank was “Shine,” which was a good balance of pineapple, apple and mint. I drank this juice mid-afternoon to power me through the end of my workday. 

My “dinner” was the “Recovery” juice, which consisted of romaine, apple, cucumber, celery, spinach and parsley. 

To give fair balance, this first day was a little tough to break routines (i.e. coffee!!!) and tough not to eat (not gonna lie… I wanted to drink all of the juices at once). I had to empty my bladder A LOT, but was glad to say goodbye to those harmful toxins. I did need to have a banana and some green tea, one with honey and one with agave, to combat some feelings of low blood sugar, but other than that it went seemingly well for my first day! 


I woke up and weighed myself again. I couldn’t believe that, in one day, I was already 2 1/2 pounds down. I knew that this was most likely loss of water weight, but either way, who doesn’t love to see that?! I had my hot lemon water in place of my coffee and went about my day, drinking each juice in the same order and at the same time of day. I was still hungry, so I ate a banana to combat a headache and a little salt, in case my body was needing some electrolytes. I noticed that I was feeling lighter and not as full or bloated than before I began the cleanse. I could feel my body being fueled by the 2 to 2 1/2 pounds of fruits/vegetables in each juice. I continued to drink a lot of water between juices and pressed on… 


I woke up and weighed again – to my surprise, I was down another 2 1/2 pounds! Although I wasn’t doing this to lose weight, it was great to monitor the process. I drank my hot lemon water and didn’t feel as hungry throughout the day. I drank the juices in the same order and at the same times as the two previous day, and I felt more energized and fueled. I was proud of myself for pushing through the tough parts and giving my body and digestive system the break it needed! 


After completing the cleanse, I felt revived, energized and lighter! My thoughts seemed to be clearer and I didn’t have so much brain fog throughout the day. My body seems to still crave how it felt during the cleanse now that it has been in that state of utopia. I didn’t experience the cravings I did before the cleanse, and I now know that I can survive just fine without coffee, sugar, or wine. Ha! 

Overall, I can’t say enough about my LOCAL juice experience with Songbird Juice Co. Marty is so knowledgeable and really wants to see people succeed with their goals for their cleanse. She is available for support throughout the cleanse, checks in to see how things are going, and also follows up post-cleanse to see how everything went and how you are feeling. Do your body a favor…run to one of Songbird’s TWO Wichita locations!


1142 Bitting St.

Clifton Square

3700 E. Douglas, Suite #2

The Birdcage

Starts driving April 1st!


Songbird Juice Company encompasses health, love and balance. We aim to create mindful, nutrient-rich products and provide the city that has shown us so much love the same. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your community! 

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