Enrollment is NOW OPEN! MTWichita Summer Camps for Kids & Teens

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As summer approaches, parents in Wichita are looking for ways to keep their kids entertained and engaged. Luckily, MTWichita’s Summer Camps offer an exciting and enriching opportunity for children to explore their love of musical theatre. From learning to sing and dance to performing on stage, MTWichita’s camps provide an experience that kids will never forget. 

Why Choose MTWichita’s Summer Camps?

At MTWichita’s Summer Camps, kids not only have fun, but they also learn important skills that will benefit them for years to come. From building confidence and self-esteem to improving their communication and teamwork skills, the benefits of participating in a musical theatre camp are numerous. 

Give your child this incredible opportunity. Sign up for MTWichita’s Summer Camps today and help them thrive! 

For a full schedule of camp and class offerings visit mtwichita.org/education/classes 

Summer Camps for Kids & Teens

Chicago: Teen Edition

One popular option is the “Chicago: Teen Edition” camp, designed specifically for teenagers with a passion for musical theatre. Camp participants will have the chance to learn from experienced instructors and perform in front of a live audience. They’ll also develop their acting skills and build confidence on stage. 

Camp Disney Kids

For younger children, there’s the “Camp Disney Kids”, where campers can sing and dance along with their favorite Disney tunes. They’ll learn choreography, practice vocals, and even have the chance to audition for solos or small group numbers. As a exciting bonus, camp participants will perform as a part of the pre-show for MTWichita’s Beauty and the Beast July 26-30!

Camp Encanto

Another great option for kids of all ages is “Camp Encanto”. This camp provides a fun and welcoming environment for children to explore their love of music and dance. Campers will learn iconic songs from the film and create their own interpretations of the story of Mirabel’s search for her gifts culminating in a final performance at the end of the week. 

Camp Frozen

For fans of Frozen, there’s “Camp Frozen”, where kids will experience a magical week in Arendelle singing and dancing along to songs from the hit Disney movie. They’ll learn choreography, practice vocals, and build Frozen themed arts and crafts.  

Masterclass Series for Beginners

Finally, “Masterclass Series for Beginners” is perfect for kids who are new to musical theatre. This series of classes provides a fun and supportive environment for kids to explore their interest in theatre. They’ll learn the basics of singing, tap dancing, and acting, and gain confidence in their abilities. 

MTWichita 2023 Season Announced

Rock of Ages 
May 31-June 4th  
Capitol Federal Amphitheater 

Rock out to classic power ballads from Styx, Poison, and more. Experience this high-energy musical that will have you singing and dancing along to anthems that defined your generation. Immerse yourself in the rebellious spirit of ‘80s fashion, music, and attitude. VIP upgrade including dinner and parking available. 

Red, White, and Broadway 
July 1st-July 4th  
Botanica Wichita 

Red, White, and Broadway ignites your inner patriot, tapping into nostalgic memories of summer traditions. Stirring songs of pride, passion, and purpose will ignite your heart, while fireworks explode across the sky as you view it all from the lush lawn of Botanica. VIP upgrade including dinner and parking available.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast 
July 26th-July 31st   
Century II Concert Hall 

Beauty and the Beast is a timeless story of love and courage that resonates more deeply with time. Be our guest and revive the romance, adventure, and heartfelt moments that made this show a beloved classic and family tradition. A full-length matinee on Thursday, July 27 at 2 pm will be open to all patrons ages 3 and up. Full run sponsor: Textron Aviation. 

August 16th-August 20th   
Century II Concert Hall 

This powerful classic explores universal themes of love, loss, and hope, resonating with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Follow three families’ intersecting stories through moving music and poignant messages. Ragtime‘s uplifting songs inspire as it captures the heart and soul of the human experience. 

September 6th-September 10th    
Century II Concert Hall 

Escape to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s fantastical dream world of Cats and rediscover this imaginative musical with unforgettable songs like “Memory” and “Jellicle Ball”. Experience a Wichita-themed visual spectacle that is at once nostalgic and new. Full Run Sponsor: Spirit AeroSystems. 

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