Tanganyika Wildlife Park: Family-Run for Family Fun


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From the moment we opened our doors to the public, family has always been at the core of what we do here at Tanganyika Wildlife Park. In 2008, Jim and Sherri Fouts put their dreams into motion and built a zoo from the ground up after years of hard work, animal experience and research, backyard tours, and a whole lot of dedication. Fast forward to 2020, the Fouts family’s passion to be stewards for animals in their care, and in the wild, have led them to become one of the largest family-owned zoos in the country as well as a world-leader in breeding rare and endangered species. In just 12 years, Tanganyika Wildlife Park has continued to expand in every way imaginable. We take pride in providing families with opportunities to create unforgettable memories together through interactive animal experiences, special events, and family-oriented park features. 

Interactive Animal Experiences

Our interactive animal experiences are always a big hit with families. We have a variety of popular options for all ages including feeding encounters, behind the scenes experiences, meet and greets, and monthly exclusives. This year, a Tanganyika trademark made its highly anticipated return to the park. “Lemurs on the Lap” is the ultimate family activity that inspires some of the biggest smiles we have seen! Don’t even get us started on the sloth behind the scenes experience or new otter meet and greet. Pure joy! Every experience at Tanganyika has been developed with family fun in mind. Learn more about all of our interactive animal experiences here.

family with lemurs

Pumpkins at the Park

Attending a special event at Tanganyika is sure to bring the family together for a great time. Topping the list for our family-friendly events is Pumpkins at the Park – a spectacular Halloween event that offers fun and safe activities for everyone to enjoy. Like most things, it will look a bit different for 2020 due to COVID-19. Nonetheless, we are so excited to offer families a Halloween experience with a variety of unique attractions and activities. Pumpkins at the Park will be occurring each Saturday in October, plus the last two Fridays. In addition, we welcome families into the park for celebrations, special occasions, and most holidays. For more information about our special events, click here.

family at pumpkins at the park

pumpkins at the park

New Tanganyika Falls Splash Park

After months of hard work and preparation, as of August 2020, we added something major to our family-oriented park features as part of our Children’s Zoo expansion project. We are thrilled to finally be able to invite families to Tanganyika Falls – a brand new 5,000 square foot fully customized colorful animal-themed splash park paradise. We filled it with awesome aquatic features that kids will love such as slides, multiple tipping water buckets, climbing structures, waterfalls, large animal characters, and a giant water-spewing giraffe. The ground is covered in a slip-resistant and heat reducing material that is fun and vibrant. The water is treated, and we have monitors to help keep an eye on the kids. Is this sounding like a kids-only type of thing? Think again. Parents can visit The Thirsty Sloth bar where you will find four craft beers, frozen drinks and specialty cocktails that allow adults to have some responsible fun. Plus, you can relax assured knowing that your kids are having a blast. In addition to the splash park, we have made a major upgrade to our playground area! After a visit full of animal fun followed by some cool-down play time in the splash park, they are SURE to sleep well. To get all the details about the new Tanganyika Falls Splash Park, check out our blog

splash padWhether you come out to the park with an encounter pass for our animal experiences, for a special event, or to enjoy our new park features, you are contributing to the conservation of endangered animals. With that, you are part of the Tanganyika family. 


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