Where to Get Luscious Lashes (Lifts, Extensions, and more!) in Wichita


I’m a lash gal. Maybe it’s because I have blonde lashes but I feel incomplete and naked without my lashes done up. I will leave the house with a greasy, messy bun and a zit on my chin that I didn’t cover but I will not leave the house without mascara. Nope. Can’t do it.

Let’s talk lashes and how you can help them grow, the best mascaras (drug store and high end), lifts/tints and extensions. 

Lash Serum

Long and luscious lashes are the way to go. I love a lash serum to help your lashes grow. Rodan & Fields has one that is on the spendy side but it’s amazing. More affordable options are Dime Beauty’s Eyelash Boost Serum or GrandeLash which you can find at Ulta. If you want to try the more natural route, some say coconut oil, castor oil, or Vitamin E oil work well. Simply rub it on gently or use a disposable mascara brush and dip it in the oil and brush it on. Using collagen supplements are said to help promote hair growth as well. 


Oh how I love thee. I proudly have a lash routine. It seems like a lot of steps but takes less than two minutes to do. You need an eyelash curler. They seem scary but they are easy to master and really make the biggest difference. You can find them at the drug store or any makeup store. Next, a primer is a game changer. I love L’Oreal Voluminous Primer or Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer.  Here is where I get a bit extra. I use two mascaras after the primer. Stay with me. I use one that is volumizing then follow up with a lengthening one. It seriously makes for long lashes that last the day. I love L’Oreal Voluminous, Ever Whiplash, L’Oreal Telescopic, and Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. If that all sounds a bit much, check out  this article on falsies!

Here are my natural lashes after using the Dime Beauty serum and my lash routine.


Lash Lifts & Tints

Lash lifts/tints and lash extensions are the ultimate way to change your lash look. I’ve had both and I absolutely love them! I suggest checking out the website or IG accounts of whatever salon you are interested in to see their work and check out their reviews. You’ll want to make sure they have good reviews and take the time to properly apply extensions. If applied correctly, these will not damage your natural lashes.  I’ve only gone to one location, EveryDay Beaut, and they are AMAZING!  I love how they are totally customizable! You can get more natural looking extensions or full glam like I did! They do require maintenance by going in to get them filled so consider that in your budget when getting extensions. 

court lashes

Where to get lash extensions or lash lifts/tints in Wichita:

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