Holistic Acne Treatment for Teens Offers the Keys to Life-Long Skin Health


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As parents it is so hard to see our kids struggle. Acne can be a very difficult condition for young people. At a time in life when they are dealing with changing bodies and finding out who they are and who they want to be, it seems so unfair to have to deal with something like acne that can have such a negative impact on our kids’ self-esteem.

I spent some of my younger years dealing with acne that was very persistent. I mean I tried it all! From medications, to harsh professional treatments, and even bizarre home remedies. It’s what ultimately lead me to a career in skin care and holistic health. (You can read more about my skin health journey here.) Seventeen years later, I’ve cleared up my own skin and I’ve learned so much about acne and how the skin works.

A Greater Understanding

One of the most valuable things that I learned is that acne is an inflammatory condition and it often does not respond well to aggressive exfoliation methods that are prescribed by most Dermatologists and Estheticians. I find that the traditional approach often leads to the skin being even more inflamed because of the damage it causes to the skin’s natural barrier function.

This is why, from the beginning, I’ve chosen to focus my skin care practice on the principles of Corneotherapy. Corneotherapy is a methodology with it’s core principle being the repair and maintenance of the skin barrier defense system. The “stratum corneum” or outer most layer of the skin, has a lipid barrier that keeps it intact and plays a significant role in skin health; it can send many signals to the underlying layers of the skin and influences the regeneration process of the skin. Simply put, the skin is a two-sided organ and it is important to not destroy on the outside what was created on the inside.

Below the Surface

The key to acne treatment is getting to the root causes and focusing on feeding and supporting the health of the skin. Skin is truly a miraculous mechanism. It is literally designed to heal itself. There is hope for kids and adults alike who want resolve their acne without risking any side effects from pharmaceuticals or invasive treatments. Lasting results happen by focusing on giving to the skin verses taking from it.

After many years of advanced skincare and holistic health education and experience guiding clients through the skin clearing process, I developed the Integrative Acne Program. We use the word “integrative” because we tackle acne on three fronts:

  1. Topically, with professional products that support the skin instead of tearing it down.
  2. Internally, with education on holistic health and nutrition.
  3. Clinically, with treatments that utilize the latest technology, while still supporting the skin’s barrier.

Most importantly, our clients receive continual support, education and specific guidance throughout the program from their Integrative Acne Specialist. Our specialists are able to highly customize the program to get the best possible results and it’s very reassuring to have an expert in your corner encouraging you along the way. What I love more than anything about the program, especially for teens, is that it teaches them to care for their skin in a healthy way that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Pam Edmondson is a licensed Esthetician, Certified Nutritional Aesthetics Provider™, clean beauty blogger and the founder of Skin Essentials skincare spa in Wichita, Kansas. Pam and her staff help people with problem skin achieve healthy skin for life through sustainable treatment options, natural products and holistic education.

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