The Only Formula for Transitional Fall Fashion You Need


I want to believe that when the calendar tells me autumn has arrived it will bring with it cooler temperatures, but having lived in Kansas my whole life I know that this is not the case.  You may wake up firmly rooted in a crisp fall day and by lunchtime you have been transported back to the middle of summer. I love fall fashion, give me all the booties, flannels, and leggings! I also know that this is a transitional season and that means your clothing needs to be transitional as well.  In summer my wardrobe staple is all about dresses.  I cannot get enough of how a simple summer dress can keep you cool, but also look like you put some effort into your look. 

This is my formula for transitioning a simple summer dress in to a fall staple.  


Adding layers to your go to summer dress instantly gives your outfit fall vibes.  My personal go-to layering piece is a denim jacket.  Throwing on a denim jacket ensures that I am warm when the air is crisp, but also allows for a quick change once things warm up.  Tie your denim jacket around your waist and now you have an accessory that adds dimension to your look.  If you are looking for other ways to dress up your look with a layer piece add a fitted blazer or a leather jacket, these will add a heavier texture to your otherwise light look.  Tie up a button front shirt, throw on a flannel, keep warm with a cardigan, adding a vest, or a utility jacket are other layers that scream fall over a simple summer dress.  

Change your Shoes

I do not know what we did in this world before booties were a thing.  They are so easy to throw on and instantly dress up an outfit. Replacing that strappy sandal by throwing on your favorite bootie with your go to summer dress and your outfit instantly screams fall. If you want to still give your feet some fresh air I love a mule.  It is like a slipper that is appropriate to wear out of the house.  A trend that I don’t see going away anytime soon is rocking a cute sneaker with dresses, which is perfect for those busy weekends of errand running.  Riding boots, flats, and peep toe booties are also a great way to have your footwear walk that summer look right into fall.  


Hats, scarves, jewelry and bags are all great ways to bring those fall textures into and warm up your breezy summer dresses.  Anytime I see someone with a great structured hat I instantly stop and take note.  I personally have a very large head and have an extremely difficult time finding hats that fit well, but that does not stop me from daydreaming about adding one to my transitional wardrobe.  In the summer I tend to wear delicate jewelry, but fall is a great time to add a statement piece or a long pendant to anchor your look when mixing a long cardigan with a dress.  

With each of these tips don’t forget to consider textiles and color.  Adding suedes, leathers, and bold warm colors is a great way to create that fall feel without overheating on those warmer autumn days.  Be sure to check out the links for additional inspiration. I am always looking for great tips and tricks so how do you transition your favorite summer outfit into a fall staple?


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