Must Have Baby Items for New Moms


Having a new baby in the home changes everything. How do I give a baby a bath? What do I do when she feels hot? Is breastfeeding supposed to hurt? Is this a good swaddle? When will he roll over? Is the thermostat set to the correct temperature? Why won’t baby socks stay on their feet? Did I register for everything we can possibly need?

These are only a few of the burning questions that race through the minds of new mothers. The baby items that I somehow accumulated before her actual arrival took over our nursery, our master, the living room, and even our kitchen counter. Did we really need all of this? I was convinced we needed it all. 

By our third baby, I had purged what had never been used, and our list of “must have” items had drastically narrowed.

Here is my list of “Must Have Baby Items I Can’t Live Without.”

This is also the list I always choose from when shopping for a baby shower gift…wink, wink!

  1. Haaka Breast Pump – This little thing is genius. While the baby nurses one side, just attach this silicone pump to the other side to catch the letdown. I never knew just how much liquid gold could be saved by doing this! 
  2. Pinxav Rash Cream – Our son dealt with terrible diaper rashes for the first few years of his life. I don’t remember how I found this amazing cream, but of the hundreds of remedies/creams we tried, this one healed his rash every time. It’s high in zinc, and can be used not only for diaper rash, but many other things as well!
  3. Shop Binxy Cart Hammock – This thing is life-changing! It fits in all shopping carts (the standard Target cart, tothe over-sized Costco cart, to the tiny Hobby Lobby Cart). Trust me, I’ve tested them all! We are able to save SO much cart space by using this hammock, not to mention how happy it makes our little guy, as opposed to being strapped in his carseat.
  4. Sock-Ons – These babies do exactly what the brand name says they will do. Keep the baby socks ON.
  5. Kinsa Digital Smart Ear Bluetooth Thermometer – I discovered this wonderful creation after a friend introduced it to me who had multiple kiddos. It’s an ear thermometer that syncs to your phone via bluetooth. You are able to create a profile for each kiddo, track their temperatures, and log amounts of meds at times that you give them. Seriously…life-changing.
  6. ErgoBaby 360 Carrier – Any carrier is a must. From birth to toddler, strap the kid to your body if you want to get anything done with 2 free hands. I have tried so many different kinds, sold most of them, and kept the one that I cannot livewithout! The Ergo 360 allows baby to face inward, or outward, and is comfortable for both baby and mama! 

I also polled mamas currently with babies under the one year mark, and below is a list (with links) of items that continued to come up over and over. 

*Baby Bjorn Bouncer
*Baby Brezza Formula Maker
*Baby Shusher Miracle Sound Machine
*Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder (as opposed to mesh)
*Boppy Lounger
*Dock-A-Tot (a portable bed for anywhere)
*FridaBaby! Products (NoseFrida, Windi, NailFrida)
*Halo Sleepsacks (wearable blankets)
*Itzbeen Pocket Nanny
*Magic Sleepsuit
*Milk Snob Carseat/Nursing Cover
*Munch Mitt
*Owlet Baby Monitor (monitors heart rate)
*Pop’n’Jump (portable activity center)
*Portable Booster Seat
*Pumping Bra (allows hands free pumping)
*Rock’n’Play Auto Rocker
*Silicone Bibs (dishwasher safe)
*Sit Me Up Seat
*Suction Cup Toys (esp for high chair & restaurant use)
*Toddler Food Scissors
*Wipable/Portable Changing Pad 
*Zipadee-Zip (a swaddle that allows their hands by their face)
*Zoli Teether Rings & Toys
*Zutano Booties (they won’t fall off) 

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