Our Team’s Favorite Family Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is the kickoff of the holiday season! Family traditions are held near and dear, and each family has their own unique take on them. Here are some of our team’s most cherished family traditions for Thanksgiving.
“I am a Thanksgiving newbie. The first time I celebrated Thanksgiving was in 2014 when I met [my husband’s] family. My favorite part is hanging out in my in-laws’ basement after the huge meal. We usually watch our very first Christmas movie, eat more pie, and eat turkey sandwiches for dinner.”
“Dating back to Thanksgivings with my grandma… she always saved the wishbone from the turkey, and we would grab (and pull) opposite sides and make a wish. Whoever got the bigger piece (from the middle) gets their wish!”
“We make Turkey Cinnamon Rolls every year! Trader Joe’s has yummy pumpkin ones that I always use.
I also do a thankful tree like in this article.”
“We always make turkey sugar cookies. We also watch the Macy’s Day Parade while preparing the turkey dinner.”
“Ours is very simple but I’ve noticed the past few years that it’s one of the moments I look forward to the most. We go to my in-laws’ house in the afternoon and watch the kids play. Then we eat the traditional dinner. After that my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and I go through the ads for Black Friday with my MIL’s homemade hot cocoa and apple cider. We never have a big item and we’re not crazy about it but it’s the one day a year the three of us (and now our daughters!) get together. And [my husband] makes turkey pancakes for breakfast!”
“We go to my husband’s family’s farm for Thanksgiving, and we always go on a family walk! Like we all bring tennis shoes and walk for miles after the big meal! But our favorite is day-after leftovers. We have cranky Turkey sandwiches: Turkey, cream cheese, & cranberry sauce! Also on the day after we decorate for Christmas.”
“Neither of us have big families and (pre-covid) we started doing “friends-giving”where we would spend the weekend after Thanksgiving visiting friends or having friends at our house, celebrating with them and eating leftovers! My kids also like playing a Thanksgiving version of Don’t Eat Pete while we are waiting for Thanksgiving dinner.”
“Ours have changed a lot over the years but we always love watching the Thanksgiving Day parade on TV in our pajamas.”
“My mom and I always watched Little Women on Thanksgiving morning while we cooked and now [my daughter] and I do the same thing.”
“We now have smoked turkey for Thanksgiving each year and have made a fun little drinking game out of how often my husband says ‘spatchcock’.”
“My grandma’s stuffing was what my family always looked forward to at the big meal. She’s been gone many years now, but my aunt and uncle continue to try and reach her level of perfect on the dish. It’s what my family loves most at our meal each year.” 
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