Nicole Nickel

Nicole Nickel
Hi, I’m Nicole! I’m a mommy to two toddlers: Scarlet and Easton, and wife to Justin. We also have 2 furbaby Labs. I am an Oklahoma girl, born and raised. I’ve been here in Wichita since October 2016. Moving from my home of Norman has been tough, but what a great community to relocate! We love to get out explore the area, finding fun toddler and family activities! In addition to mom and wife, I am an early intervention speech-language pathologist for a local nonprofit organization. Some of my favorite things-being an OK girl, I am a die-hard OU football fan (Boomer!), being outdoors, traveling, friends and family, wine and coffee!

6 Mountain Getaways Near Wichita (Under a 5 Hour Drive!)

I don’t know about you, but being quarantined has me jonesing for adventure — a picturesque landscape to visit and explore. I love the mountains, but living here in central Kansas, it’s pretty flat.  Luckily,...

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Choosing Your Word of the Year for 2020

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Best Taco Tuesday Specials Around Wichita

Guess what? I love tacos. Actually, they are my favorite food dish. But guess what I don’t love? Tuesdays (not too much anyway…). At least it’s not Monday.  The problem with Tuesday is that there is still a ways to go until the weekend....

Wichita Moms Blog Team Holiday Traditions

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Celebrate Frugal Fun all Month Long in Wichita

  F is for Fall, Festivals, and Family Fun! It’s also for Frugal. International Frugal Fun Day is the first Saturday in October; this year falling on October 5th. The goal is to keep activities...

Easy DIY Fall Serving Tray For the Non-Crafty Mama

Summer is coming to an end and fall is right around the corner! It's the time of year to gather for sports watching parties and quite soon, the holidays. I get eager this time...

13 Life-Changing Apps To Help You Take Back Your Sanity & Schedule

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Simple Summer Style for Moms

Summer's here: the temperatures are changing, and so are the styles. I don't know about you, but since becoming a mom, I feel that I’ve really fallen behind on the trend scene…mostly due to...

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THE STORY Matt and Ashley Opliger of Wichita were overjoyed to learn they were expecting a baby girl, a daughter whom they would name Bridget Faith. Several short months later, their dreams of her would be crushed. Ashley...

What a Women’s Group Taught Me About Vulnerability

During the course of the past several months, I have been a part of a women's monthly Bible study, in which all members are moms. (Before I go on, this is not a post...