Family Game Night: 60+ Games for Kids of All Ages to Enjoy

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Quality family time is tough to squeeze in with all that life has to offer. Good old-fashioned family fun such as playing board games creates special bonds and connections between family members, building and strengthening relationships. 

Note: Maybe your family has children who vary in age quite a bit. All it takes is some mediation on your part to help the little ones participate in older age-based games, or have the older children play along with the younger kid’s games. Perhaps create teams if you need help navigating when there are children of different age groups.

Age 2+

First Orchard – This one is nice as everyone plays as a team to collect the fruit from the trees before the Raven arrives to eat it all.

Topper Takes a Trip – Little toddlers love to fill things up son they? This is a fun interactive game where you and your child gather items for Topper the Dog take on his trip.

Monkey Around – Your littles will love this motor movement based game incorporates balance, coordination, and language learning such as body parts.

Other notable mentions: Snug as a Bug in a Rug, Acorn Soup, and Where’s the Bear?

Age 3+

Feed the Woozle – This is the current favorite for my 3 and 4 year olds. Feed the silly “Woozle” his (quite yucky) snacks while incorporating balance, motor skills, and dexterity.

Count Your Chickens – This fun and simple game helps children count and work as a team. Collect all the baby chickens to return to mama hen before the fox gets to them!

Heads Talk Tails Walk – This one will have everyone giggling as players try and match animal tiles and have act out mismatches!

Other notable mentions: Hoot Owl Hoot, Candy Land, Uno Moo, Sneaky Snacky Squirrel, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Pick Me Up Piggy.

Age 4-5+

Clue Jr – This version of the classic game for younger kids will use their thinking skills to solve the mystery.

Disney Eye Found It – This version features all their favorite Disney characters in a race to find hidden objects. They will put those critical thinking skills to practice!

Rhino Hero – Working or dexterity and construction skills, children build a tower for Rhino to climb, but don’t let it fall!

Other notable mentions: Guess Who, Go Fish, Old Maid, Sorry, Stone Soup, Perfection, and Mouse Trap.

Age 6-8+

Blokus – A strategy game reminiscent of Tetris that challenges players to fit your pieces on the game board while blocking opponents.

Sky Magic – Children work as a team using strategy to bring the whimsical characters back home before there magic runs out. 

Game of Life – A family favorite for years, this game is all about educational and career paths, finances, and other life choices.

Other notable mentions: Pickles and Penguins, Ticket to Ride, Simon, Exploding Kittens, Headbanz, Uno, and Twister.

Age 10+

Apples to Apples Jr – Think the PG version of Cards Against Humanity. Players make hilarious caparisons and judge the best answers.

Blank Slate – A fun fill-in-the blank game where players try to predict what others are thinking.

Bears vs Babies – Players build strong monsters armies with body part cards to take on creepy, mean babies. Sound weird? It is, but hilarious, and it totally appeals to this tween age group. 

Other notable mentions: Monopoly, Scrabble, Checkers or Chess, Clue, and Pictionary.

Age 13+

The Chameleon – A fun, word association game where players practice their bluffing skills to throw others off the fact they are the chameleon.

Unstable Unicorns – A competitive game using strategy, players build the ultimate unicorn army to take down opponents before they are taken down.

Speed Charades – A classic charades game with a twist, teams go head to head simultaneously to act out words gain the points before the other team wins.

Other notable mentions: Codenames, Awkward Moment, Taboo, Catch Phrase, and Apples to Apples.

Age 16+

Relative Insanity – This is meant for family play, harping on family members by creating crazy situational phrases that are sure to make everyone crack up.

Cranium – This classic game gives players the chance to show off skills and abilities in four different areas.

Pick Your Poison – A “would you rather” scenario game in the board game version.

Other notable mentions: Heads Up, Phone Phever, Drop Mix, The Awkward Storyteller and Trivial Pursuit.

The local libraries are a good resources to check out games for free! Sente in downtown Wichita is also a good place to take the family to try some games and enjoy refreshments.

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