5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Buying A Menstrual Cup


Period. Menses. Cycle. Or in my house, my exclamation point! Women between the ages of 10 and 50 will experience their menstrual cycle many times in their lifetime. It seems like a rite of passage when you’re younger and by the time you’re my age all you pray for is menopause. There are so many products to use and everyone has their own preference. A few years ago I heard about a menstrual cup and was completely turned off by the thought. It goes where and how? Fast forward and tampons were making me miserable and my flow was very heavy and I was over. it. I wanted to try anything that could make a difference.

Cue Google.

I did the tiniest bit of research and then hit up Wichita Mom because that was where I’d first heard of it. I hopped on Amazon and a pretty little box landed on my door 2 days later. In it was my first menstrual cup. I splurged and got a start-up package that included 2 cups, wipes, a cleanser and lube. That weekend I tested it out and failed miserably. I think my text to my group chat read something out of a horror movie.

It’s been a little over a year, and while I’m still no expert on the subject, I have done more research and scientific experiments (lol) to figure out how to make them work for my life. So here are a few things I’ve picked up on my journey.

  1. It’s a little pricey to start. Yes, it will save money (and trash) in the long run but upfront costs are there. 
  2. There are SO many cups to choose from. But! There’s an online quiz you can take that could help determine which one is the best for you. It offers multiple brands and asks really good questions that you can answer, even if you have never used a cup before.
  3. There are many ways to insert the cup. I went to YouTube to search out videos because the first few times I was so stressed. They give you visuals of how to fold it to fit better and they’re not graphic so younger girls could watch to learn as well.
  4. You will not be a professional after the first cycle. It took me probably 4-5 cycles to get it correct and even still, depending on my flow and movement I’ve still had “accidents.” Make sure if you’re not at home you have a backup plan just in case. When I go to work I still wear a pantyliner so if there’s a leak I won’t have an issue.
  5. Your bathroom will look like a crime scene at some point. One time I dropped my cup and the blood spatter was insane. I remember just watching it happen in slow motion and being like “Noooooooo!” It feels very messy even when there are no problems – but remember that cleanliness is very important. Make sure you’re washing and rinsing and boiling. Instructions should come with each cup, but if not there are products that are better for the silicon to help it last longer for more use.

While using a cup has not been this miraculous journey into menstrual nirvana, it has been nice not having the waste every month or the rush to pick up supplies if I’ve run out.

Just remember, it gets so much better. Don’t stop after 1 or 2 cycles. If the cup you’re using doesn’t feel right, it may not be the right cup for you and you can choose a different one.

For some, the cup may not be the right choice for them. For me, it’s been a great investment and a new learning opportunity. What would you like to know about menstrual cups?


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