20 Fun & Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Christmas 2021


Is your family Elf on the Shelf back to visit this year?  Does your elf need a little inspiration for creative spots to perch around your house?  Lucky for him/her, local Wichita moms have shared some of their favorite places their family elves have been in the past, just in case your elf needs some new ideas!

For the Quick-Thinking Elf:

  • The bathroom.  Anywhere in the bathroom.  Always a hit.
  • In the refrigerator, wrapped in a small blanket/washcloth
  • In a shoe
  • On the Christmas tree
  • Hanging in a wreath
  • Reading a book (this can also be a fun way for your elf to gift your child a new holiday book!)
  • Coloring in a coloring book

For the Elf That Likes to Plan a Little:

Marshmallow Bath: Your elf will enjoy a bath in a bowl, surrounded my marshmallows.

Marshmallow Weightlifting: Your elf is working out by bench-pressing marshmallows on either end of a toothpick

Eating cookies and milk:  Of course your elf will save some for the kids in your home, but will probably want to take a few nibbles of cookies before everyone wakes up.

Early present from the elf: Waiting until Christmas morning for presents is hard, but your elf might feel extra thoughtful and bring a present to open early.

Playing with toys: It’s so funny when kids wake up and see their elf playing with their toys! Maybe he/she is trying on Barbie’s clothes or is in a battle of the galaxies with Star Wars figures. Elves also love to build with Legos and put puzzles together.

Attached to the ceiling fan: Your elf will safely secure him/herself to the fan around the torso and will show of his/her flying skills!

Scavenger hunt:  Elves love candy canes, and your elf can hide candy canes around the house for your kiddos to find!

Making breakfast:  Anything from pouring a bowl of cereal to making pancakes, your elf wants to make sure your child starts his/her day off with a full tummy!  Sometimes elves even bring a special box of Elf on the Shelf cereal to share.

Angel Making:  Elves come from the North Pole, so they are used to playing in the snow!  Many elves also enjoy making “snow” angels with powdered sugar or sprinkles.

For the Elves that Are Good at Planning Far in Advance:

Elf Party!  Your elf can talk to other elves from your child’s friends and organize an Elf Party!  One elf will host a few friend elves to come over to celebrate.  This means the guest elves won’t be home when their child wakes up, but for sure will have already sent a picture of them having a blast at a friend’s house!

Botanica Tickets:  Wichita loves to see the Illuminations at Botanica, and your elf wants to share this special gift with your family!

Last but not least…

Hopefully this won’t happen, but we do need to keep our elf healthy.  If he/she needs to quarantine in a jar for a few days, we all understand.


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