Outside the Box Gift Ideas for Tweens


Outside the Box Gift Ideas for Tweens

Christmas is swiftly approaching and I always have a few sure-thing items up my sleeve for the boys. However, I now have an almost-10-year-old who is too old for toys but not quite old enough to get all the electronics he is begging for. Video games get old and only a few seem to get played on a regular basis. I also stick to the Want, Need, Wear, Read gifts, but that can get monotonous. So I came up with some gift ideas to check off all the criteria but still surprise him:

  • Fitness Tracker – My son is obsessed with my fitness tracker and is always begging for one. I recently saw one geared towards kids at Target. I am going to do my research and pick one that suits him.
  • Lessons – No matter what your child is in to, there are lessons for it. Sports lessons at local gyms, music lessons at the School of Rock, art lessons at Monart School of Art or City Arts. Seriously, the possibilities around Wichita are endless!
  • Drone – Cooler than a race car AND you can find some inexpensive ones on Amazon. So when if it breaks you don’t have to cry at the money spent.
  • Video Game Designer Programs – Instead of teaching your kids to play video games, why not get them something to create their own? There are a ton of online programs to help teach your kids to create a video game. Bonus: On most you can set the security levels so you know what they’re doing online.
  • Fashion Design Programs – This is along the same lines as the video game designer but for fashion. Some kids aren’t into video games but the creative and artistic ability is still there. Give them an outlet and let them create.
  • Camera – Young photographers need more than an iPhone. Give them the gift of a camera (or a new lens if they already have a camera) and let them be creative.
  • Gift Certificates/Day Passes/Tickets to places or events to expand their horizons – This can be super awesome or super tricky. At this age you will have to join them so it should be something you would be willing to try out. For most parents though, if it’s for your kids, you’ll suck it up and tag along. And who knows…maybe it will be end up being something that you both enjoy and will forever be the tie that binds you.
  • Microscope/Telescope – Depending on which way your kid leans towards the sciences, you can pick up one of these and open a whole new level of discovery.
  • Charitable Donations – For the kid who has everything (including a bleeding heart). Make a donation in your child’s name. Not only does it make them feel good but they feel like they are also part of the solution.
  • Mad Libs – A perfect gift for the budding writer to increase their vocabulary.
  • Coloring Books – Not just for little kids and adults! There are a ton of styles out there and you can easily find one to suit just about any kid.
  • Journal – For the kids who are artsy or the kids who need a kick in the pants to be more organized. Colored pens, washi tape and stickers make the gift even more awesome.

Tweens are hard to please but you don’t make gift giving difficult. Think outside of the box this holiday season and your kid will thank you!

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Kendra lives in Derby with her husband Leonard and her two boys- Leo and Jacoby. She works in downtown Wichita but spends most of the rest of her waking hours wrangling two crazy boys. You will more than likely find them at a game or practice. Besides spending time with her family Kendra loves to read and watch Game of Thrones, HGTV marathons and the Royals! She is also very active in PTO at her sons' school and is always trying to find ways to interact with other parents.