The Beauty of Motherhood :: I Want to Remember That


Thank you to Alison Moore Photography for sponsoring this series and for choosing us to debut her new signature sessions, The Beauty of Motherhood

Alison Moore Photography limits her time and talent to a select number of families each year to preserve the authenticity and intimacy of each session. Connect here to learn more about availability and capturing these fleeting moments of motherhood that are so precious and sacred, photos destined to become family heirlooms, snapshots of unconditional love, pride, and joy.

Confession: I have the world’s worst memory.

Sadly, I don’t remember much of my childhood. There are actually only a handful of memories I remember from my elementary years, and I have a hard time recalling much from middle school. I of course remember the people who meant something to me and the bigger events through the years, but many many memories escape me. Alison Moore Photographyalisonmoorephotographywichitaphotographersally2alisonmoorephotographywichitaphotographersally3alisonmoorephotographywichitaphotographersally4It saddens me to think of how many wonderful memories I’ve forgotten. And now that I’m a mother, I try to hold on to every memory I can. The moments are fleeting and our kids are growing like bean sprouts before our very eyes. There are days I find myself full of emotion, desperately trying to record the little things for eternity in my mind: the sly smiles, the cheerful waves and the subtle tickles that end with massive giggles and my kiddos’ sweet voices echoing, “More mommy, again mommy!”

I treasure these moments. I treasure these memories. And, as my last child is weaning and growing too big to take baths in the kitchen sink, I am trying to hold on to every piece of motherhood in my heart forever. alisonmoorephotographywichitaphotographersally7alisonmoorephotographywichitaphotographersally8jpgI want to remember motherhood and all its beauty. It has filled my heart more than I ever could have imagined possible. I remember thinking when I was pregnant with my second child, “How can I ever love another baby as much as I loved my first?” And, it’s just an incredible thing. My heart expanded, it didn’t choose to take love from one and give it to the other, it truly grew to love each one of my children as much as I loved the first. I want to remember that. alisonmoorephotographywichitaphotographersally9alisonmoorephotographywichitaphotographersally10jpgalisonmoorephotographywichitaphotographersally11alisonmoorephotographywichitaphotographersally12alisonmoorephotographywichitaphotographersally13Motherhood has given me a purpose, a purpose years before I never knew was possible. A purpose that’s all for them. A purpose to teach, protect, laugh, smile and enjoy each and every moment with them. A purpose to help them become responsible, caring, determined and appreciative. I want to remember that.alisonmoorephotographywichitaphotographersally14There is so much more beauty to motherhood than the eye can see. A beauty that I want my kids and myself to be able to look back and see for years and years to come. A beauty that makes it okay if it’s picture day and I’m still holding onto that last 10 pounds, because I have the beauty of motherhood. I want to remember that. alisonmoorephotographywichitaphotographersally15alisonmoorephotographywichitaphotographersally16

alisonmoorephotographywichitaphotographersally5children's photographer in Wichita alisonmoorephotographywichitaphotographersally17I hope my children are able to remember far more than I’ve been able to. But, even if they can’t, the one thing that is never forgotten is love, and I hope they will always remember that, too.children's photographer in Wichita alisonmoorephotographywichitaphotographersally18

wichita children's photographer alison moore photograhy

Watching mamas with their babies always takes my breath away.  A mother has never looked more beautiful than when she smiles at her child.  Her entire face lights up, her entire being glows with a love that only a mother can know.  It happens in each of my shoots, and yet it always feels like I just witnessed it for the first time.

Scheduling a session with me strips away all of the noise of everyday life and gives you the opportunity to connect with your children with ease in a way that feels natural and allows you to make time stand still.

These photos simultaneously show a mother she is beautiful in the eyes of her family, and show her children how precious they are to her, how completely adored and loved they are by her.  They are a gift to be treasured for years and years to come.  A reminder during these long days and short years…mamas, you are enough.  You are beautiful in the way you love and are loved.

I can’t wait to meet and document the beautiful way you mother.

Sally is a native Wichitan and the mother of Caroline (September 2012) and Harrison (January 2015). She lives on the east side of Wichita with her hubby of six years, Matt. After teaching first grade for six years, she left the classroom to work from home. Sally is a professional photographer. She owns, Sally Cavanaugh Films and Photos., specializing in family films and newborn/family photography. Passionate about capturing those precious, simple, fleeting moments in life, Sally truly loves her job. Sally is also a trunk keeper for Matilda Jane Clothing., an unpredictable clothing company known for their darling girls clothing. When she’s not behind the camera or styling little ones, Sally enjoys being surrounded by family. Whether they are at home or on a frequent trip to the lake, she tries to soak up every moment she can.